Spiritually Ascending


Spiritually Ascending

At this point you have probably already connected to some of the spirits, entities and beings that surround you in different dimensions – which are not places to go, but states of being or frequencies that you don’t have access to in this 3rd dimension. Our pineal gland is the radio transmitter that we can ‘tune’ into other frequencies or dimensions with but this has been switched off, along with many other genetic downgrades. 

You will definitely be practising meditation regularly, and may have even discovered channeling (which is a form of meditation and expands your mind and connection to spirit) and are now looking to increase your knowledge of the invisible field, further your training of energy techniques and become certified in more modalities so you can deepen your own intuitive guidance and help your clients more. 

But, you may also be struggling with discernment or how to know who you are talking to in the invisible field. Here you can find answers to all these sorts of questions, meet like-minded people and start protecting your space and your energy for improved health and longevity. 

My 2nd book, about channeling, may help you to connect to new entities, ancient wisdom and universal knowledge. As well as explain what channeling is, and how to use it wisely, for good health. 


Paid Resources

Choose from guided meditations, online courses, intuitive development training and group & 1:1 programs all designed to open up your ‘energy’ channels, connect you back to spirit (which can be seen as the quantum field or even just deeper parts of you) and switch your psychic abilities back on, which are a completely natural and normal part of you. 

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Free Resources

Choose from my top 3% global spiritual podcast, which has just under 100 episodes ranging from Energetic Business techniques, to ascension and expanding consciousness tools and tips on accessing energy healing and intuitive guidance for your own life:

My Monthly Blog, where I write evidenced based articles around the science behind the spiritual, the true history of our past and esoteric wisdom from our ancestors, so that more of us can wake up to the truth that has  been hidden from us for centuries. 

My YouTube Channel where I add free guided meditations, live guest interviews (that are also on my podcast) and other teachings and techniques to help you thrive and connect back to your energy world (or inner self). 


What My Clients Say

It was an experience of a life time or should I say many live’s, wherein I got many answers to the repetitive scenarios in my life be it professional, personal and health related. All my queries were answered through this session. Thank you so much.

– Amit

RE has a diverse yet deep knowledge about healing methods across many disciplines. I underwent QHHT with her to understand how my past lives were affecting my health. I cannot recommend a session with her enough if you truly believe

- Sanchari

Thank you so much, it was tough but it was the growth I needed in order to move ahead. The depth of connection I felt I had never experienced before and it was quite profound in many ways. You’re a very powerful medium and energy channel.

– Priya


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I dedicated years to my spiritual and intuitive development, and now I want to teach you how to do the same. Deepening your connection to spirit, is the same as deepening the connection to yourself.

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