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Spiritually Awake?

If you have gained control of your ego, stepped out of the illusion of fear, have developed an open mind and have learnt how to manage, and harness your emotions, then you are doing better than most of the planet, who are still struggling, and don’t understand what spiritual really means. It is the real you…the multidimensional you, that can do a lot more than you have been led to believe. 

It is true that there isn’t 100% proof of the invisible field that surrounds us, and at some point we have to trust in ourselves and take a BIG leap of faith: But before we get to that point there is a lot of concrete science to back up what our ancestors already knew. Terms like akashic field, spirits, angels, magicians, demons and negative entities have been ridiculed and labelled as crazy, but what do they really mean? They are just metaphors or ways to describe things that our ancestors couldn’t understand. 

How has money enslaved us for 10,000+ years? How was religion created to hijack our consciousness and control us? And how has our obsession with only believing in things we can see, affected our levels of success and happiness? 

Reading my first book, is a good place to start, which not only documents the science behind the spiritual but also links it to every day topics, to help you see that spirituality is simply a normal extension of who we already are….or were, until our DNA was genetically altered (my next book will evidence this!). 


Paid Resources

Choose from guided meditations, online courses, intuitive development training and group & 1:1 programs all designed to open up your ‘energy’ channels, connect you back to spirit (which can be seen as the quantum field or even just deeper parts of you) and switch your innate abilities back on, which are a completely natural and normal part of you. 

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Free Resources

Choose from my top 3% global spiritual podcast, which has just under 100 episodes ranging from Energetic Business techniques, to ascension and expanding consciousness tools and tips on accessing energy healing and intuitive guidance for your own life.

My Monthly Blog, where I write evidenced based articles around the science behind the spiritual, the true history of our past and esoteric wisdom from our ancestors, so that more of us can wake up to the truth that has been hidden from us for centuries. 

My YouTube Channel where I add free guided meditations, live guest interviews (that are also on my podcast) and other teachings and techniques to help you thrive and connect back to your energy world (or inner self). 


What My Clients Say

This was my first hypnosis session, so I didn’t know if it would be effective or not. I was surprised by how deeply emotional the process was and how much lighter I felt afterwards. The days following the hypnosis, I had more clarity, felt more positive and could deal with triggers a lot better.

– Mitre

After just one quantum hypnosis session with Elisabeth I started feeling better, my cough has reduced significantly and has not been waking me up at night. Elisabeth is so warm and friendly and made me feel so safe and comfortable during the sessions.

- Sharon

An incredible thing happened, we were working on healing my PCOS and I had been waiting for my period for 2 months now. Ruth worked with my subconscious to heal it and I got my period right after! RE's energy, intellect, patience and guidance will be a blessing for whoever decides to work with her.

– Ayesha


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I dedicated years to my spiritual and intuitive development, and now I want to teach you how to do the same. Deepening your connection to spirit, is the same as deepening the connection to yourself.

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