Stepping into your goals

This week’s episode follows on from Finding your vision for 2020 and looks at our goals for 2020.

In it, I explain how I ended up setting visions or ‘feelings’ instead of goals this year (and then had mini goals coming off that) and how you can step into being a successful business whenever you want to. 

I also talk about positive feeling, which is something I used to get back from depression after my mother died, in the hope that you can too. Step into the feeling of positivity or elevated emotion and become that feeling, then cement it with repetition. 

Here is the free download to my 2020 wall calendar and Happy New Year.

It’s going to be a good one, because you will make it so. 

I love to hear from people so if you want to get in touch then please do here or you can learn more about me and my business here


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