Super Energies

What are super energies? After reading Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural, and understanding that thoughts, emotions and feelings are energy, this is my take on which energies (emotions and feelings) I deem to be the most important to us as busy, stressed out business owners.

There are certain emotions (energies) that can help us to be more positive, get our life back into flow, recharge us and help us to “grow from the inside out”.

Gratitude – When we feel grateful we open ourselves up to receive more (a good thing when you are trying to achieve more in your business), recharge our bodies and get back to positive energy (we need this to grow our business faster).

Believe – Believing in yourself and your ability to be, do and have the life and business you want, the goals you want and the things you want will change everything for you. When you believe in yourself, your life transforms.

Forgive – Forgiving yourself, others and things that have happened in your life, will get you back to positive energy, release dead weight and lower your stress levels. Forgive everyone, and yourself and watch your life transform and your business shift.

This week’s freebie download. Having worked in business for nearly three decades, I have built up a lot of experience and knowledge, which I have summarized into this checklist. Do these 11 things in your business and watch it start to grow.

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