“I just finished Elisabeth’s Intuitive Development Foundational Program and it has absolutely changed my life. I had a “knowing” deep inside of me for years that I was meant to do this work and I can truly say now that I feel like I have finally come home to myself. The course is eye and soul-opening on so many levels, I feel more connected than ever and confident that this is what I’m meant to be doing, how I’m meant to serve the world in this lifetime. Elisabeth is a great teacher, she takes time to thoroughly explain every technique, she lets you experience it and then supports you as you find your way deeper down into your intuition. Every session has opened a new world for me. This is truly a life-changing program, I highly recommend it!”

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Toni Marie

“I believe what makes Elisabeth different is her ability to see the bigger picture and identify your strengths and unique talents fast. She helped me to see where my true passions and purpose lie and how that fits with the overall vision of my life. Now this is all aligned everything feels easier and I have far more drive. She really pushes you to become the best version of yourself. I love her work and since working with her I believe she has directed me onto my true path which has made me feel more fulfilled and integrated. Elisabeth not only does as she promises she far exceeded my expectations. She is very creative and I loved working with her.”


“I am so glad and grateful that I have joined the Intuitive Development Course. We are all learning and practicing so many healing modalities and how to tap into our psychic abilities that are already within each and every one of us. Believing and trusting the process has helped me to follow the guidance. And being able to see the invisible world around me is all starting to expand with this course more and more! I am very glad for this. So if you are willing to learn and tap into more psychic abilities and be a healing power for yourself and around you, then you will enjoy this course. Trust your own intuition, follow the guidance through your Higher Mind and divine guidance system, and you will be amazed at how much your life will transform”

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“Working with Elisabeth has been such a pleasure. Firstly, she is exceptionally friendly, really cares about your success and has an incredible amount of knowledge in the fields of business, mindset and energetics. She is a very hands on coach; and combines both mindset and strategy to get real results. She has helped me pivot in my business and restructure it in a way that links my passions and talents and in turn is facilitating faster growth for me. I initially only had a few sessions but have quickly realised that my work with Elisabeth is not done and have signed up for a full programme and really can’t wait. I am so glad that I reached out to her, and have found more than a coach in Elisabeth.”


“It was such a wonderful positive experience to receive the light filled clearing spiritual healing session by Elisabeth. After the brilliant energy work I felt so much lighter in my body and mind and it put me in a peaceful mood too. Definitely my whole energy and physical system is performing much better after the treatment. I got rid of my unstable feeling due to anxiety, I improved my ability for forgiveness and I completely reconnected to my inner child. I’d like to highlight her willingness to provide me with spontaneous prompt guidance and supportive healing service in an emergency situation. Thank you very much for the utmost insightful journey.”


“Thank you so much Elisabeth for the healing sessions. It was indeed much needed, it was tough but it was the growth i needed in order to move ahead and release my trapped fear at a soul level. The depth of connection, I felt, I had never experienced before and it was quiet profound in many ways. You’re a very powerful medium as an energy channel and I am glad to have experienced this theta healing with you.”


“Elisabeth has a special – almost magical – talent! She really, really, really, ‘gets’ people. And once she ‘gets’ you, she knows how to help you – and nothing can stop her! She is incredibly perceptive and tenacious and doesn’t let you off the hook, but she is also exceptionally warm, open-minded and non-judgemental and consequently, wonderfully motivating. I am a shy, retiring and modest type by nature. Elisabeth saw that and implicitly understood how to help me open up without scaring me off. She also saw my innate talent and didn’t let go until I found the inner confidence to really believe in it myself and to allow myself to dream big. Once I was able to see my dreams clearly, she helped to set clear, sensible but also surprising goals that I am really motivated to achieve. Now I am energised, focused and excited about the future!”


“Elisabeth is very well trained in a broad range of healing modalities, and has a deep understanding of the healing process. I found Elisabeth’s healing to be powerful and effective in reducing swelling and felt more energised as a result. The session was profound, which helped me to identify past trauma’s from my childhood that were affecting my health now. We ended with a deep inner child healing that helped me to feel rejuvenated and lighter.”


“I had been having a series of issues in my career and had felt that there was something holding me back but didn’t know what. Elisabeth’s sessions helped me to realise past traumas and karmic events that were affecting my success in this life, which we released. I feel freed from the past and much lighter. Now I have a new job and she is helping me to stop sabotaging myself in both my career and love life.”


“It was an experience of a life time or should I say many life’s, as a breath coach professional I like to try out things and this session was indeed verry interesting wherein I got many answers to my repetitive scenarios in my life be it professional, personal and health related. All my queries were answered through this session conducted by Ruth Elisabeth. Thank you so much”


“Ruth Elisabeth really guides you through the process with ease and provides all the relevant information required which made me feel very safe and comforted. She is extremely patient and kind through the entire process. An incredible thing happened which is worth mentioning – I have been working on healing my PCOS and had been waiting to get my period for 2 months now. It came up during my session where Ruth worked with my subconscious to heal it. I got my period right after! This was only one of the many things we tackled in that one session. Ruth’s energy, intellect, patience and guidance will be a blessing for whoever decides to work with her.”


“Ruth Elisabeth has a diverse yet deep knowledge about healing methods across many disciplines. I underwent the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with her to understand how my past lives were affecting my health and emotional fears in this life. She is extremely patient and helpful in untangling confusing thoughts and emotions to deliver clear and definitive learnings that has helped me understand not only my mental but also physical self better. I cannot recommend a session with her enough if you truly believe.”


“I have been having a lot of health issues since January this year and a constant dry cough which had been keeping me up throughout the night as well. After just one quantum hypnosis session with Ruth Elisabeth I started feeling better, my cough has reduced significantly and has not been waking me up at night. Elisabeth is so warm and friendly and made me feel safe and comfortable during the sessions. Thank you Elisabeth from the bottom of my heart for everything.”


“This was my first hypnosis session, so I didn’t know what to expect or if it would be effective or not. I was surprised by how deeply emotional the process was, and how much lighter I felt after it was completed. The days following the hypnosis, I had more clarity, felt more positive and could deal with triggers a lot better than I had for the past 6 months. I also noticed that my rosacea did not flare up, which it usually does before my periods, and actually seemed to be less visible. All in all, it was a productive and positive experience.”


“Elisabeth is a very caring and passionate coach and healer. The first session with her was a past life regression, 6 hours long. Elisabeth took all her time, focus and energy to guide me, probe me, be there, listen and connect the dots. With her patience, intuition, intelligence and openness, she helped me understand the roots of my life limitations. It was an emotional day yet an eye opener! I am very thankful for this experience and would come again to enrich my life with all that Elisabeth can share as a woman entrepreneur and from a spiritual perspective. Now a few weeks later my shortness of breath has completely gone, and amazingly I have just met my soulmate, something that I thought would never happen.”


“If you are thinking about an energetic alignment session with Ruth Elisabeth please don’t hesitate! She will make you feel so at ease and what can be achieved in a single session is amazing. The results continue far beyond the session. Ruth Elisabeth uses modalities such as intuitive reading – which brought me instant answers and clarity – and also energy clearing – to move on limiting energies such as fear and uncertainty. Ruth Elisabeth is so knowledgeable in her field and the absolute authority on energy work for real life results”


“I met with Elisabeth to gain clarity on my professional goals. She delivered beyond my expectations, analysing my threads of thinking and plans and focusing me to understand what triggers the greatest passion/interest and why. She has a knack of bringing everything together in a simple and concise manner that helps you to see where you are going, so you can set energising and realistic goals that take you there”


“It was a very healing and profound session. In fact during the session all the energies that needed to be healed came to the surface and Elisabeth was guiding through in a way that I really received all the healing energy and messages for me needed. Thanks for all healing and guidance. I am very grateful for doing this reading with you”

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