The 7 Hermetic Principles for Life

Interestingly, the secret societies are based on the 7 Hermetic Principles, and have been largely hidden from the masses for a very long time. They teach us about the lesser Arcana (microcosms) – which is the Nomad or the self and how to access our inner world or The Christos, which is our full potential: And the major Arcana  (macrocosms) – which are the laws of nature and how the energetic aspects of our world dictate the physical world. Our physical world is full of entertainment, sport, football, chaos, wars, viruses, movies, addictions etc. which are all designed to keep us away from realizing our true potential and the incredible species that we are.

The Hermetic Principles are said to have been written, or given, by Hermes, who is the Greek version of the Egyptian god, Thoth. In my research I have not only discovered that Thoth was an actual person, and not a god (even he told people not to call him a god), but he was possibly even the same person as Enoch (the 7th son of Adam) which makes him part of the first line of humans as recounted in The Book of Genesis. Enoch was the 7th son of Adam, and Adam was the first created (or genetically altered) homo sapien – 200,000 years ago.

The book of Enoch is a book that was left out of the English bible but is still found in the Ethiopian version, and is remarkable to say the least; telling of ET’s, spaceships and even alien abduction as Enoch went to live up in the ‘heavens’ with the ‘gods’ for 10 years, until eventually he left with them 365 year later. These could also be metaphors for how to access the Lesser Arcana.

Enoch, or Thoth, was said to be a scribe to the gods, and during the course of his long life wrote 200 books, which he left under the great pyramid in Egypt, and which are still supposed to be there. His father was possibly the Sumerian god, Enki and Enoch is also known as Idris in Welsh myth.

Thoth, or Hermes, was a priest king from Atlantis and helped to introduce civilisation, science, the arts, maths, writing, astronomy and more to the indigenous people of the planet; we know this because all the indigenous tribes kept records which they passed down orally for thousands and thousands of years, creating songs in order to memorise them, and singing them around the campfires at night. These indigenous people called these helpers the shining ones, the urekhu, quetzalcoatl, the 7 sages, the tuatha de danaan, the anunaki and more; using names from their own language, to describe what they saw. Anunnaki simply means powerful ones and was used to describe more than one type of extraterrestrial civilisation.

These 7 principles are the laws of the universe as passed down by Thoth or Hermes, and everything stems from these. These are the laws that the secret societies have not only hidden from us, but also used to control us. We can now access them in order to create a better life for ourselves and humanity.

1.The law of Mentalism

The mind is creating everything, and we can use the mind to bring about real change in our lives. This entire universe is made of energy and we are all individually and collectively creating it together. Meaning that we can change reality far more easily than we believe we can.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

As above, so below. As below, so above. As within, so without. If we hold the frequency in us then we are manifesting it outside of us, and this creates our reality. If we want to change our reality we need to let the frequency (belief, program, thought…) go from our own energy field. Question all your beliefs and let go the ones that are holding you back.

3. The Principles of Vibration

Everything is continuously moving and never stays still. When using a powerful microscope to study a wooden table, researchers eventually discovered that at the smallest particles, they were all moving and vibrating constantly. It was not solid as we would expect from a wooden table. Everything exists at a vibrational frequency of its own, including you. Raise your vibration and everything in life will improve.

4. The Principles of Polarity

Everything has polarity, everything has poles, everything has an opposite, which is also its twin. We are living in a duality world, which includes light and dark, good and bad, black and white. It is how we learn, evolve and grow. There is no good or bad it is simply learning and experience. However our world has been pulled down too far and is no longer in balance.

5. The Principle of Gender

Everything is masculine and feminine. Gender manifests on all planes of existence. These are energies and catalyze each other, always generating and regenerating. We need feminine and masculine energy but our world has been too masculine for around 2,000 years, stopping the flow of the feminine and upsetting the balance of nature. The feminine is flowing back in again, as the planet rebalances herself and ascends. Feminine energy is intuition, creation and rest. Masculine energy is action, knowledge and control.

6. The Principles of Rhythm

Everything flows in and out. Like a pendulum swinging backwards and forwards, or the tide coming in and out. Energy is flow and has to flow at all times, blockages create stagnation and need to be ‘cleared’ which is what energy work is.

7. The Principle of Cause and Effect

When something happens, however small, there is always a cause. Certain events attract to us due to our beliefs. We can have more control over our reality by understanding that we caused it. We can learn not to react to others. Whenever anything happens in your life, find the part that you played and take responsibility for it – this is one of the most high vibrational things that you can do, and will change your luck fast. Take responsibility.

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