The Amazing Benefits of Gamma Brainwaves

Gamma (40-100Hz) which is the highest brainwave of all, is a relatively new discovery because our old analogue EEGs couldn’t measure that high a frequency. We had to wait for digital EEGs to come out. Gamma resides above the frequency of neuronal firing, which is why it is generally understood that when we get to this state, we are at one with the energy field around us and aren’t firing from our neurons at all. We literally are the energy field, or the expression of the field of pure consciousness, and in my opinion, are channelling a pure stream of consciousness through us. Because Gamma is a very high vibrational brainwave we can trust that what we are receiving is beneficial to us.

Gamma brainwaves are the brainwaves that athletes and high-performing individuals regularly tap into which is why it’s often referred to as the super mind. It is the state used for super learning, super memorising, fast processing, increased sensory perception and where intense feelings of joy, bliss and happiness live. But there is also something even more amazing about the Gamma brainwaves – when we are in this state, we are in a much higher level of consciousness. Thus, we are completely tapped into the energy field in a way that benefits us enormously. Mystics and mediums are naturally tapped into the gamma brainwave state when they are experiencing phenomena or connecting with other frequencies from a different dimension and so are shamans when they enter the shamanic state of consciousness for healing.

Prayer is also the Gamma brainwave state, which is how it was first discovered, as researchers measured the brainwaves of Tibetan monks and Celestial nuns in prayer (which is a state of consciousness and meditation). We can access it by meditating or praying and then focusing on feelings of love and compassion to all things, including yourself. It is the state of ‘oneness’ with everything in the universe and according to both NDE and psilocybin (magic mushrooms) studies is the feeling that people experience, which is thought to heal their mind. In both cases they lose their fear of death (fear keeps us trapped in a low vibrational state) and wake up to a renewed way of looking at the world, embracing life and their place in the universe. Early studies using psilocybin are showing that participants can eliminate depression in as little as 6 weeks. So maybe depression can be healed by expanding our energy outwards and connecting to higher vibrational energies that surround us in the energy field? In my opinion these higher vibrational frequencies from different dimensions to us (these frequencies exists outside of our 3rd dimension band of frequencies so we need to go outside our own dimension and into space-time to experience them) are what heal the body and enable us to experience things beyond our comprehension or understanding, and I am not alone in my thinking here.

The Gamma frequencies are the frequencies of love, compassion and bliss. When we are in this state, we are connected to the central energy source of the energy field – and are at one with The Field – which some people refer to as source or god, the highest frequency of all. This is the state where miracles happen, people spontaneously heal and some can even disappear, as in the case of the ‘rainbow body’ meditations where monks literally disappear and turn to small amounts of fine particles, that look like ash.

Everything in the universe is energy, including us, our dreams, our thoughts, desires and wishes. It is all energy and, as such, it is all frequency. It doesn’t really matter what you believe, it only matters that you are having a life you enjoy and are achieving what you want in it. Follow your own gut instincts and intuition. Don’t follow other people; follow yourself. You are the creator of your universe. You are the creator of your life. Live your life how you want to live it and be guided by your own heart, or that ‘knowing’ feeling that we tend to ignore. Don’t let others sway you or tell you what to do. Make up your own mind about everything and everyone.


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