The Angelic Indigo Race

Around 250 billion years ago there was a great cataclysm that exploded planets and killed off civilisations as two advanced races went to war with superior technology and weapons of mass destruction. This cataclysm was so great that vast areas of consciousness were destroyed, erasing the memories from the akasha, thus the entire universe descended into the lower dimensions, kicking earth into a different part of space: It was originally in the Andromeda galaxy, not the Milky Way (we now have scientific evidence that our solar system is part of the Sagittarius galaxy and is being eaten up by the Milky Way, thus pulling us into the milky way galaxy). The 12th dimensional stargate portal was destroyed and the universe descended, cutting itself off from the flow of source energy and the higher dimensions. Thus our lower dimensional universe was created. We already know that there are stars older than our universe, so our universe is young.

The grief of losing entire planets, families and loved ones caused the two warring races to make a decision to cut ‘source energy’ out of their existence, so that they could control the universe, and become creators, not co-creators with source, and even cut it out of their DNA, by removing the 12th strand of DNA that connects us to the higher dimensions. This forced all of their bloodlines from then on to be cut off from source, and the feminine energy. Choosing to remove themselves from source, who they blamed for the loss of their planets and loved ones, they created an artificial copy of the matrix, and new programs that included the ‘victim’ and ‘victimiser’ program and force, fear and the fall of freedom programs. For billions of years they carried on fighting, and found new ways to cut out the feminine energies, until eventually they created entirely masculine universes, and the imbalance between the masculine and feminine grew. 

The Fallen Angels

These ‘fallen angels’ hated all beings who were connected to source or love, because it reminded them of what they have lost (and now couldn’t get back to as they had removed their 12th strand of DNA) and spent all their energy wiping out civilisations and creating wars – psychopathic in their approach because they had lost their connection to love, compassion and empathy – the feminine energies. Without love in their psyche their decision making was flawed taking them into areas where they couldn’t get back from such as AI and transhumanism. Some of these species even chose to give up their bodies entirely and created avatars made out of biological material. As these wars increased and these plagues of psychopaths continued to fight, exploding more planets, so that more and more universes descended into the lower dimensions becoming more masculine as they fell: A large collective of enlightened beings got together and formed The Guardian Alliance to try and fight back at these different races, who were destroying everything in their path. 

Then 570 million years ago, the guardian alliances decided to create a new race of unique beings who were spiritually elevated and whose job was to bring order to the chaos and remember universal love and oneness, in order to dissolve the hatred, fear and sense of loss and despair. These new beings were called the Tunurinaseons and were created from a powerful genome beyond the 15th dimension, that was composed of between 12 and 48 strands of DNA. This genome would spiral across the universe and regenerate all conscious life forms – which became the true evolutionary expansion of all life. This created a natural process where the DNA collects more and more dimensional frequency, thus helping the body to hold more and more dimensional frequency and ascend the dimensions until it reaches the 12th dimension. This translates as an expansion of consciousness and as each dimensional frequency is switched on or physically absorbed into the body, consciousness expands enabling the physical body to rise higher and higher into the higher realms of consciousness. The more DNA that assembles, the higher and more aware the consciousness is. 

The Tunurinaseons

These angelic Tunurinaseons were OUR ancestors and as such we also hold the 12th strands of DNA and the emerald and diamond sun genomes within us. Every human on planet earth is an angelic indigo human, and all the other beings are either biological clones or hybrids of the fallen angel warring species known as the elites. We are the angelic indigo humans and guardians of the Kristos (Christos) and our job is to realign the Kristos through bio-regenesis of our universal matrix. This is why so many of the elites have spent millions of years trying to distort our DNA (dumbing us down) and force us to forget who we are. They have changed our histories, genetically altered our DNA at every given opportunity and epigenetically created fear and chaos within our bloodlines because they know how the quantum field works. They know that manipulating our emotions changes our DNA and as our environment is spiritual (invisible) as well as physical, they have worked hard to fill our world with fear through persecution, genocide and murder as well as via the spiritual realms, because most of us are unaware of the invisible realms. The guardian alliance has now expanded into many more federations, alliances and collectives working together to bring balance back to the universe(s) and help the feminine energies flow back in – the yin and yang.

When they realised that our genomic powers were also key to the energy of the planet (it is also an elevated being and they want to control this too) they stepped up their efforts and over the past 2-3,000 years have created so many wars, genocides and traumatic abuse they have injected fear into all parts of our DNA (healing work can clear it). According to these psychopathic elites (corporations) and elders (the church) they have come down through the ages and are what we call the Romans in our history today, although they have been around for a lot longer than that. They then became the church of Rome and the Vatican, they infiltrated the original Maji kings and queens through the Jesuits, who then became the current royal families and corporate bankers, politicians, pharmaceuticals and media moguls of today. Through our current societal systems they control all aspects of our lives, which is how they engineered it. They want us to forget who we are because within our DNA we hold the connection to the higher dimensions, source energy and the Kristos enabling the feminine energies and source to flow again. They have been trying to stop the ascension of the planet for millions of years and have even gone back in time to do this, changing certain timelines, because they know that from the year 2000 AD we were destined to ascend and there was nothing they can do about it.

The Incarnation of a 12th Dimensional Being 

The fallen angels, archons or demonic entities (whatever you want to call them) knew that Jesus was coming in from the 12th dimension and went back in time to try and eradicate him. As they created the matrix in the first place, they can manipulate it however they want, so going back in time and inserting another timeline was easy for them. However there was a reason why they chose to create the timeline from 2000 AD and that is because in 12BC a 12th dimensional being incarnated into earth from the 12th dimension. It is the man we called Jesus. The religious texts all stem from the original Mahabharata texts, that were given to 12 tribes in 246,000BC. Each tribe received 12 books, but over the years they have all been indoctrinated, stolen, edited and changed to reflect a different narrative. These demonic energies have been trying to keep control of this planet for thousands of years. They have found their way into the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Bible, the Quran, the Torah etc. And although each religion contains elements of the Mahabharata texts they have all been massively edited to create the jumbled texts we have today. With the exception of the Nag Hammadi texts, and the dead sea scrolls that came straight from the Essenes who were living in Egypt and who Jesus was also a part of. By 68AD the Essenes were starting to be wiped out by the romans (genocide) thus they began to hide important texts, so when we read the original texts that didn’t make their way into the religious texts, such as the gospel of Thomas and Philip we can understand more about what these books were trying to tell us. They were trying to tell us about the rulers of reality or the archons. They were trying to tell us how to see beyond the veil. They were trying to get us to wake up to who we really are. And they were trying to show us the path to enlightenment which is how to fulfil our mission and exit the matrix. The mission that our ancestors were given 570 million years ago when the emerald and diamond sun genomes were encoded into our DNA along with the 12 strands enabling us to connect back to the higher dimensions so that we could connect the universe back to the higher dimensions and allow source energy, aka the feminine energies, to flow back in and create balance again.

Jesus was born on 21 December, 12BC (21/12/12) which enabled him to bring this 12th and 13th code back into our planetary grid. Over the past 2000 years this code has now found its way into all of our DNA, which means that we all have access to our 12th stranded DNA and it is activating for all of us.

Source: David Emery on You Tube (this is a summarized/written version of his video):


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