The Lost Civilisation of Atlantis

The first documented mention of Atlantis is by Plato, in Timaeus and Critias and since then there have now been more than 20,000 books written on the subject, showing us that many people feel drawn to this topic; possibly because they’ve even had other lives there? These books vary from purely evidence based (there’s not much evidence) to purely esoteric based, which I suspect is why we still don’t have definitive answers around Atlantis yet….and possibly never will.

When we look back at the amount of libraries, housing ancient texts and historical accounts, that have been destroyed over the years by  the invading armies (67 alone on Wikipedia) such as the library of Carthage and the library of Alexandria by the Romans, and later on the Arabs, and all the Mayan and Aztec history destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors, as well as the rest of Europe and Indian, Chinese and Arabic libraries/histories, we begin to realise that we only have small fragments of texts left from each (and mythology) and may never get to the real truth of Atlantis. However what we do have is increasing evidence of great cataclysms and the resulting floods that have occurred in our history from the disciplines of geology, zoology, anthropology, botany and astronomy, and evidence of an advanced civilisation that lived on this planet before us.

Ice samples from Greenland and shells found along mountain tops around the world, prove that there was a great worldwide flood – possibly even two during the younger dryas period (10,800BC to 9,600BC). In fact there is even evidence that the poles have shifted place at least 4 times over the years, with the indigenous tribes saying the same thing, and we already know that earth has been hit by comets, astroids and meteors many times, by the craters that have formed around the world. So, although we don’t have evidence of a lost continent somewhere called Atlantis, what we do have is evidence of lost land mass and many ancient texts or indigenous accounts who refer to this lost island. The Egyptian Edfu building texts hieroglyphics, that are only partially translated, refer to creation beginning on the Island of Trampling or the Island of the Egg, and after a great cataclysm where this island was destroyed, the people left there and set up civilisation in other parts of the world. The hieroglyphics on the pyramid of Xochialco in Mexico tell the same story.

The ancient texts and indigenous stories from the Vedas to the Emerald Tablets to the Sumerian kings list (and many other kings lists from other cultures) indicate that there was a first great flood around 35,000 years ago, which is when the first part of Atlantis (Northern part) was destroyed and sank under the ocean. This also appears to fit with Thoth (Hermes in Greek) who wrote The Emerald Tablets, and was a priest king of Atlantis, leaving the planet around 36,400BC (he probably knew that a great cataclysm was coming as they were master astronomers) and who built the pyramids on the Giza plateau in order to store wisdom and knowledge so that it wouldn’t be lost. In fact there is new evidence from Armando Mei that shows that the entire Giza plateau, including all the other temples, align exactly with the night sky in 36,400BC.

As much of the evidence or historical knowledge is lost from this time period, we then move onto the next cataclysm, that brought on another flood – or floods around 13,000 years ago. The first one is thought to be 10,800BC and the second is 9,600BC and most probably came about from the fast melting of the ice age, triggered by a comet or ice comet hitting the earth. Not only did it break up on impact but it also brought a lot of water with it, which caused a permanent rise of the oceans by 400ft, sinking many lost cities that we can now see under the water, such as:-

  • Dwarka, India.
  • Port Royal, Jamaica.
  • Pyramids of Yonaguni Jima, Japan.
  • Lion City, China.
  • Pavlopetri, Greece.
  • Villa Epecuen, Argentina

This could indicate that these cities were already there before the comet hit between 10,800BC and 9,600BC. Interestingly the Egyptian Sphinx and other old temples on the Giza plateau also show massive water erosion around the bottom part of the structures. The pyramids have been refurbished or added to many times, so maybe their water damage was built over by the Pharaoh’s of Egypt? In Plato’s Timaeus, the Egyptian priests, who are telling the story of Atlantis to Solon (Plato’s great grandfather) refer to the end of Atlantis being 9,000BC, and the text was based on information from 600BC- making it 9,600BC, which fits exactly with the second flood. The impact of the comet/s, triggered massive tsunami’s and tidal waves, that according to Tibetan history even reached the Himalayas’s, which are 3 miles above sea level, finally destroying this land mass and forcing some continents, like Atlantis, to disappear and others to rise up and create new land masses. This was a time of massive upheaval and change and the fact that anyone survived is a miracle.

Or is it?

In every indigenous culture around the world they talk of helper groups of people, who came to them after the great flood and taught them survival skills, new agriculture practices and gave them their laws of civilisation to help these survivors start again. These people are referred to as the Shining Ones followers of Horus, the 7 sages, the Manu, the Urukehu etc. around the world and are even thought to have led to becoming the Tuatha de Danaan, who made their way along the Danube river, up into Scandanavia, the west part of England and Scotland and round into Ireland, until eventually they were sent to live underground by the invading armies. They are said to have been the Druids, working with the laws of nature and understanding how electricity and magnetism work so they could harness and control the world of physical matter or light. Every culture describes these people in the same way – very tall, often with elongated heads, red or blonde hair, green or blue eyes and very wise. They knew how to bend the laws of physics and could do things that looked like magic to the local inhabitants, consequently they called them mages or magicians. For example, dematerialisation of stones (creating all the polygonal stone walls found all over the world), levitation of rocks (to build all the pyramids around the world said to be power generators and data storage centre’s), flying on rocks (many of which can still be seen in Japan and other countries today) and could also flip between invisible and visible themselves (hence they are interdimensional beings) showing that they knew how to harness and manipulate energy (consciousness).

These super beings – the Gods or Elohim (meaning powerful ones) – reseeded the waning populations (possibly either through mating with the local people or genetically modifying them) meaning that we have their DNA in us, and can be seen as a hybrid species. The ancient Egyptian texts, say that the first fully human pharaoh was Menes in 3,100BC and before this they were half human and half divine.

Many of the indigenous tribes around the world say that they are still in touch with these progenitors of the human race, and connect with them by using plant medicine and/or connecting with them where the veils are said to be thinner – and connect us into other dimensions. In particular the Dogon tribe of Africa who said that their ancestors don’t visit them anymore and stopped around 500 years ago but they still connect and talk to them – this could be seen as channeling or connecting to spirits, which is what we call these interdimensional people now. The Dogon tribe are the ones who say their ancestors come from Sirius B, which was later confirmed by strong telescopes.

These super beings, or “the great men of old” are the same people who lived in Atlantis and as such they were very advanced beings. When we think about greek or roman mythology this probably gives us a flavour of how these people were regarded but even so I do not believe that humans were unintelligent back then. Humans may have evolved from apes originally but this would have been millions and millions of years ago and according to many indigenous tribes (Mayans, Hindu texts, Hopi Indians etc.) we have been wiped out many times but humanity is always reseeded by these same gods and the few survivors from each cataclysm. In Michael Cremo’s book Forbidden Archeology he lists all the anomalies that have been discovered over the years that don’t fit with the story of human evolution and they date back millions of years, such as:-

  • a gold chain embedded in a lump of coal that dates back 260-320,000 years ago,
  • a hammer that dates back to a layer of untouched rock 400 million years ago,
  • spear heads embedded in wooly rhinoceros bones that date back 2 million to 3 million years ago,
  • human foot prints in rock that date back 6 million years,
  • human footprints at the same time as dinosaurs and they died out 65 million years ago.

This would take the human form – in whatever capacity that was – back millions and millions of years, and if the indigenous accounts are correct, we are the descendants from these gods, making us very powerful beings as well. We may have forgotten how to tap into the psychic abilities that our ancestors had but we still have them, and like any muscle, the more we exercise it the faster we will get back to having them again.

The more we wake up to our true power, the faster we can ascend back into the higher dimensional planet that we are destined for. So, work through your ‘stuff’ from childhood, release the fear program from your DNA and start to switch those innate psychic abilities back on. Now that the earth is ascending you have probably already become more aware of them, so don’t doubt yourself and keep following your path. It’s just you connecting with the electromagnetism and electricity of the energy field around you.

If you are feeling scared or lost and don’t know how to deal with your awakening abilities then reach out and I can help you to understand that this is normal and is the real you beginning to step out of the shadows and claim back your true power. BOOK HERE

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