The No.1 reason why your Manifesting (creation) isn’t working

I know I talk a lot about the energy field and our electromagnetic field, but actually what I spend most of my time doing is helping people to discover what they really want from their life (or get energetically aligned in their business).

Yes, working your energy correctly absolutely helps. Yes, sitting in high frequency vibrations helps too. And yes, working on those limiting beliefs so you can start broadcasting a more aligned frequency really helps as well. But most of the time we simply just don’t know what we really want. Of course, in reality it’s all mashed up together with everything else, because it’s often our limiting beliefs that stop us from seeing what we want. But if we could spend more time understanding what we want and less time ‘doing’ stuff that we don’t want, I think most of us would be far happier.

In our action orientated world, it’s all about pushing us to take any action. But in my opinion true manifestation needs more than action. It needs energetically aligned action. And if your heart is not aligned with it, it’s far harder to create (manifest).

What is Energetic Alignment?

It’s when your mind, body, soul, heart and spirit all line up, and you are in complete harmony with your life and dreams. On a surface level (conscious mind), we think we are in alignment with something, but energetic alignment doesn’t deal with surface level issues. It deals with under the surface (subconscious mind) issues, that are by default hidden from you. Our mind tends to be in charge but the body and spirit need to have a say too.

To understand what you really want, it’s important to speak directly to your body, mind and soul, together. But most of us are only speaking to our mind. If you can’t get all parts agreeing on something then you will have resistance, and the next step is to either find out what this resistance is, or accept that you are not ready for that goal yet, and find a new goal (desire). This often happens when we try and set goals that are too big – the amygdala will block anything that it doesn’t believe you can reach (yet). So it also may be a case of setting smaller goals, or taking the big goal, and reducing it down into baby steps, so you can pacify the subconscious mind.

Working with or eliminating Resistance

Resistance comes about for three main reasons.

  • First that it’s not what we truly want, and our body, mind and soul are not in agreement (unaligned).
  • Second, we have subconscious blocks around what we want and are blocking ourself because of fears or subconscious programming (limiting beliefs).
  • Third, there is energetic resistance from yourself or other people caught up in the energetic chain. For example, maybe you desire more success or money, but your husband doesn’t because he is worried that when you become successful you might leave him.

Sounds bizarre I know but all thoughts, emotions and feelings are energy, and we can create entities with these energies or frequencies that then take on a life of their own.

Luckily with energy healing, we can clear resistance, on ourself and from others around us, but this works better when we know where the resistance comes from. We can use tools such as Muscle or Sway Testing, Journaling, Talking or Counseling, reading into the Auric field, or even Theta Healing, as it uses ‘digging’ to uncover what the problems may be. But essentially it’s all about getting into the subconscious mind to understand what’s really in there, because that is the current ‘frequency’ you are sending out.

Getting into the subconscious mind

In fact it’s not hard to get into the subconscious mind. As soon as you start to relax, your brainwaves change from Beta to Alpha which opens up the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious; so now you are connected and you have made the subconscious, conscious. The subconscious mind is 1 million times more powerful than the conscious, and is not only connected to the heart, but also the energy field (spirit) because we connect through our emotions. Here is where all the information about you (and more) can be found.

Try this simple exercise…

Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths in and out. Keep relaxing into the chair (or meditate) and eventually you will begin to slip down into the Theta state. Beta brainwaves are the doing/action brainwaves, whereas Alpha are the creative, dreamy ones. But Theta is where the magic starts as it begins to connect us with multiple dimensions, parallel universes and the energy field (5th dimension) and not only the true potential of life but also more information and wisdom about you. It also brings our body back into a more coherent state, so we can experience energetic upgrades from the energy field and replenish our body.

It’s all about the questions you ask

Once we are connected to the subconscious I feel, it’s all in the questions we ask it, and heart felt ones tend to give us the best answers. As we connect best to The Field through our heart, it makes sense that when we go through the heart, we get more useful answers for us. If we connect to the energy field with low vibrational thoughts and feelings, we don’t receive such helpful answers, but it’s easy to make yourself high vibrational for the few minutes that you connect. Simply raise your vibration by thinking about things, people or places that you love. Now ask loving heartfelt questions to yourself and see what answers you get.

Sitting in this coherent state and working through a series of questions (whatever you want to ask) allows you to step back into a more energetically aligned space. You will know when the answers are right because you will feel it resonate with your heart, or you will get that knowing feeling when you just know something is right for you. If you find it hard to do, then even sitting in silence and listening to what your Superconscious (Higher) Mind is talking to you about is a good place to start. Our Higher Mind or energy (consciousness) is always talking to us, we just need to quiet our analytic mind down to hear it.

If you want some help to discover what your real dreams or life path are, then why not book a session and we can go deeper into your Auric field. Click Here for more information about how we can work together.


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