The Timeline of Corruption on Planet Earth; Big Pharma, ETs living among us & Mind Control Mainstream Media

This week’s blog is a timeline of how our world became corrupt, how the Rockefeller Foundation managed to gain control, how the Nazi’s became the deep state, and how we have been duped for over 100 years to take drugs that shorten our life span (and often kill us), to ridicule ETs when ETs are our world leaders and to believe everything that is in the ‘official news’ when the official news is run by the corrupt Rockefellers and elites. Using Dan Willis’s youtube video entitled A Review of 9 Psyops (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYgKrwE3urU) I have put the dates into a timeline (plus a few of my own) to help us see when all this began, why, how, and how it’s all looking very positive now.  

1900 – Rockefeller pharmaceutical cartel formed 

1911 – Supreme court finds Rockefller foundation guilty of corruption and racketing under guise of philanthropy. 

1913 – References to women, as the original priests, are taken out of the bible by the Church. (Margaret O’Connor, The Hidden Story of Women in the Catholic Church). 

1917 – Rockefeller, Warburg and JP Morgan buy the main 25 newspapers in the US and put their own editors in so they can control the news (and narrative). 

1918 – Spanish flu allowed the pharmaceutical industry to take over the medical profession and start outlawing natural medicines. 

1925 – All medical schools and most hospitals and The American Medical Association come under control of the Rockefeller medical monopoly. 

1933 – Draco Cikar groups violated the prime directive and gave advanced technology to the Nazi’s. 

1934 – Nazi’s have anti-gravity flight and know that we don’t need rockets or fuel. A few decades later Dr. Hermann Oberth publicly states that we can’t take credit for the record advancement of certain scientific fields as we have been helped. When he was asked by whom he replied “the people of other worlds”.

1940 – Galactic Federation of Worlds began working with the US Navy (positive factions of the governments and military). 

1945 – Allen Dullas instrumental in the Nazi infiltration, brought in thousands of Nazi spies and formed the CIA.  

1946 – Formation of the CDC with 1600 former Nazi scientists and doctors (human experiments and eugenics) 

1946 – Nuremberg trials of Nazi doctors. German Chemical Cartel went on to form the 13 Big Pharma companies. 

1947 – Under Project Paperclip underground military bases and tunnels built in New Mexico area. 

1947 – Admiral Byrd sent to Antartica and were defeated by Nazi’s who had anti-gravity crafts (look like ET crafts) and energy weapons. 

1947 – The Roswell crash occurred but was a trojan horse by Nebu Orion grays. The live ET found on the craft was being used as bait for the US military to connect with the EBEs ‘Hive Mind’ and be enticed with advanced technology. Parts of the CIA, US Air Force and Majestic-12 group (Industrial Military Complex) took the bait and made exchanges in return for advanced technologies. Secretary James Forestall wants to disclose ETs to the public and is thrown out of a window to his death. 

1950 – Holographic camera patented by the European patent office in Paris, France, which shows that we can tune backwards and forwards in time with the images on the camera. 

1950 – Allen Dulles starts Operation Mockingbird where the CIA pays 400 media journalists to form the public’s perceptions around ETs and other narratives. 

1952 – Industrial Military Complex (air force) flies a reverse engineered ‘spacecraft’ over Capitol Building to intimidate Truman and Eisenhower administration. CIA forces the Robertson Panel to deny the existence of extraterrestrials. 

1952 – The Invention Secrecy Act was put into place and has now suppressed more than 6,000 free energy, anti-gravity, medical and many other inventions.  

1954 – President Eisenhower has a meeting with the Galactic Federation and plans a public expose by May 1954. MJ-12 circumvene’s and signed a treaty with the Dracos instead (reptilian species) in exchange for advanced technology. The Dracos and Orion Grays begin an abduction programme for our human DNA. 

1954 – We achieved anti-gravity and have not needed rocket fuel, or internal combustion engines since. 

1954 – Walt Disney, who is a 33rd degree Freemason with Werner Von Braun uses TV to sell to the public that rocket propulsion is the future for space travel. 

1954 – Former Nazi SS Officer Prince Bernhard sets up the yearly secret Bilderberg meetings. The Bilderberg meetings along with the council foreign relations and Trilateral Commission control the top executive positions of the mainstream media.

1955 – President Eisenhower lost control to the Nazi Draco Alliance. From this point forward on the legal constitutional government is being denied access to information.

1955 – HItler and Heinreich Himmler did not die in the bunker and instead went to South America. 

1958 – NASA is created by former Nazi SS officer Dr. Kurt Debus to keep us believing we need rockets to overcome gravity but they knew that they had figured out Torsion physics going back to the 1930s and we don’t need rockets. 

1961 – Eisenhower attempted to warn the public in his televised farewell speech that the military industrial complex had been infiltrated by the Fourth Reich and to take nothing for granted, but to stay alert and be a knowledgeable citizen (code name for be discerning and keep searching for the truth).

1963 – JFK is murdered, apparently by a lone gunman, who himself was killed 2 days later and never stood trial. So the murder of JFK was never investigated.

1967 – A CIA secret dispatch creates the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ for anyone who attempts to challenge the official narrative of the Warren report. 

1967 – Working with the Galactic Federation to develop the US Navy’s Solar Warden Secret Space Programme, they were able to see the collective mind on Earth with advanced concepts like teleportation warp drive, wormholes and the prime directive. The Galactic Federation of Worlds working with the US Naval intelligence and Gene Roddenberry led to the creation of Star Trek as a soft disclosure program to start showing the human collective about true reality.

1969 – Apollo II flew to the moon and saw huge craft stationed there. The radio transmissions we received were false and created by NASA. The real transmissions – verified by the radio operator – were “These babies are huge, sir. Enormous. Oh my god, you wouldn’t believe it. I’m telling you. There’s other spacecraft out there lined up on the far side of the crater edge. They’re on the moon watching us”. 

1983 The CIA had secret meetings with the heads of the mainstream media and the CIA in Sun Valley, Idaho, and they started media consolidation to stick to one narrative for their own means. 

2001 – It is proven we have zero point energy that was denied by the Bush administration. So why are we still using, and fighting over, fossil fuels (when fossil fuels aren’t even from fossils, they are minerals – more lies and misinformation).

2011 – Consolidating media control the media went from 50 media corporations down to 6 to centrally control the narrative. Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, believes they will shortly be able to control the public so they will no longer be able to reason or think for themselves. They will only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on last night’s news. Billions of dollars goes into psychological think tanks in order to form the public’s perceptions and gain their consent toward the agenda of the narrative. The mainstream media is such a powerful influence – it can make a criminal look innocent and make the innocent look like a criminal. 

2017 MJ-12 documents revealed that Allen Dulles had set up an assassination directive to be used against John F. Kennedy 10 days before Kennedy is assassinated. Kennedy sends a top secret memo to the CIA to release UFO files. That Top Secret Memo triggered the assassination directive that was given to James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence to carry out the directive. The Warren Commission was headed by Allen Dulles, which determined that there was no conspiracy. Interestingly, the Warren Commission members were all 33rd degree Freemasons.

2021 – Our solar system was liberated by the Galactic Federation working together with an Earth Alliance, who we call the White Hats. They include positive parts of the military, army, navy, governments and secret societies, such as The White Dragon Society. They have removed the Nebu Orion greys, the Draco’s Cikhar Empire, and the Dark Fleet Nazis from our solar system. The Solar Warden Twenty & Back programme uses an advanced holographic technology to age and time reverse people in a 20 year tour of duty enlistment and space. This technology is what we call Med Beds and will change the face of the medical world, lengthen our lives, heal our bodies instantly and even regrow limbs.

However chaotic it all looks now, everything is positive. We can help things along by helping to shift the consciousness of the human collective ourselves. Form communities where we help each other. Stand up for your rights. Don’t watch mainstream media, or if you do, develop a lot of discernment. Meditate and develop your intuitive abilities again. Sit in ‘love consciousness’ as many times a day as you can. Be kind to others. Buy happy food (food that has been treated well) and take care of our children. They are the future.


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