Thinking Bigger on your Goals

This week’s episode look’s at why we need to set goals higher than we are setting them. The episode runs on from last week, where we looked at how to set energetic goals, and goes through the theory of why we should push ourselves with them.

Whenever you set energetic goals, ask yourself if you can go higher – because most of the time you can. It’s not about setting unrealistic goals or goals that you don’t believe you can achieve, it’s about pushing your thinking outside of the box that your mind and society has put you in. Fear, expectations, imposter syndrome or playing too small can all have an effect on the type of goals you set for yourself in your business, but so can being so busy that you don’t have time to think beyond your day to day.  

What I try and do is get business owners to stretch beyond their current thinking and think about the ‘big’ picture for a moment, because when you know where you are going, you will get there faster. Both energetically and physically.  

Here’s the link for today’s worksheet here ( which will help you to journal on setting your goals, and works in tandem from last week’s worksheet, where we set our energetic goals. And here ( is is the link for last week’s worksheet if you missed it. 

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