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Foundation Program

Have you always had a niggling feeling that you weren’t achieving your full potential? Can you feel a huge power inside of you but don’t know what to do with it? Then you are waking up to your true self and the energy or quantum field ‘around’ you. The course runs for 10 weeks, and is a 1:1 program with me

If you are ready to learn more about yourself and want to find out what you are really capable of, then start with this short foundation program, that will introduce you to a wide range of new skills: intuitive reading, energy healing, crystal reading, chakra balancing, aura reading & healing, mediumship, telepathy & clairaudience, reading life paths, relationship compatibility reading and more. 


Intuitive Development - Level 1

If you would like to learn more about yourself and your intuitive skills, whilst strengthening your connection to consciousness or spirit then this 6 month program is ideal. It enables you to learn many new skills to enhance your life, career and business, whilst allowing you to train in a safe and guided environment. The course runs for 6 months, with a weekly 2 hr training session, plus a free weekly drop-in 1-2 hr practice session (not compulsory) to help you learn faster. It is all online using Zoom. Modules include all of the Foundation Program plus many more. For example, Akashic record reading, channeling, spirit guides, psychic surgery, house and business clearings, soul contracts, divination, stronger healing techniques and lots more. 

NB.There is no pre-requisite for this program. 


Intuitive Development - Level 2

This program will further develop and strengthen your connection to your intuition and consciousness and certify you to teach the program to others. Becoming certified to teach allows you to change career and become an Intuitive Development Teacher, helping others on the same path as you. It is a truly rewarding and life changing experience, enabling you to help transform other people’s lives whilst all the time deepening and strengthening your own abilities. The course runs for 6 months, with a weekly 1-2 hr training session, plus a free weekly drop-in 2 hr practice session (not compulsory) to help you learn faster. It is all online using Zoom. Modules include; remote viewing, 8th chakra, karma, space and genetic entity, core pictures, streams of consciousness, kundalini energy, ascension, past lives, alchemy, masculine/feminine energy and much more. 

NB. Pre-requisite is to have completed Level 1 first. 


What My Clients Say

"I just finished Elisabeth’s Intuitive Development Foundational Program and it has absolutely changed my life. I had a “knowing” deep inside of me for years that I was meant to do this work and I can truly say now that I feel like I have finally come home to myself. The course is eye and soul-opening on so many levels, I feel more connected than ever and confident that this is what I’m meant to be doing, how I’m meant to serve the world in this lifetime. Elisabeth is a great teacher, she takes time to thoroughly explain every technique, she lets you experience it and then supports you as you find your way deeper down into your intuition. Every session has opened a new world for me. This is truly a life-changing program, I highly recommend it!"

– Gloria Battini

“Working with Elisabeth has been such a pleasure. Firstly, she is exceptionally friendly, really cares about your success and has an incredible amount of knowledge in the fields of business, mindset and energetics. She is a very hands on coach; and combines both mindset and strategy to get real results. I initially only had a few sessions but have quickly realised that my work with Elisabeth is not done and have signed up for a full programme and really can’t wait. I am so glad that I reached out to her, and have found more than a coach in Elisabeth.”

Sirin Ortanca

“If you are thinking about an energetic alignment session with Ruth Elisabeth please don't hesitate! She will make you feel so at ease and what can be achieved in a single session is amazing. The results continue far beyond the session. Ruth Elisabeth uses modalities such as intuitive reading - which brought me instant answers and clarity - and also energy clearing - to move on limiting energies such as fear and uncertainty. Ruth Elisabeth is so knowledgeable in her field and the absolute authority on energy work for real life results.”

– Kate


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I dedicated years to my spiritual and intuitive development, and now I want to teach you how to do the same. Deepening your connection to spirit, is the same as deepening the connection to yourself.

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