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Tuatha De Danaan, Red Hair, RH- Blood & Atlantis

According to Irish myth the Tuatha de Danaan were supernatural giant beings who were said to have been very tall, with red or blonde hair, light coloured eyes and shining or very white skin. Legend says that they came into Ireland on a black cloud – possibly from burning their boats on arrival so they could never leave – and were led by Danu (known now as the Goddess Danu of the Celts; the god of nature) who was said to be a beautiful and wise woman. When they arrived there was another tribe living in Ireland called the Fir Bolg. They didn’t want to fight them so lived alongside them until they were ready to fight. Unbeknown to the Fir Bolg there was also another tribe of giants living in the mountains who were fierce and frightening. However some were also beautiful. They were called Fomorians and as they were distant ancestors to the Tuatha de Danaan, they intermarried and had children together. Eventually the different tribes began to start fighting in order to claim the land as their own. The Fomorians lost and were sent to live in the sea. The remaining tribes lived in harmony until another tribe of people called the Milesians arrived in Ireland, from the Iberian peninsula and defeated the Tuatha de Danaan. The Tuatha de Danaan were sent to live under the ground in Ireland whilst the Milesians lived above ground, and according to legend the Tuatha de Danaan still live underground in Ireland today.

Red Hair

According to Freddy Silva, His research has found these tall people with blonde or red hair and light eyes, came from a land that sank in the ocean called Atal or Atlan, which he believes may have been referring to the lost continent of Atlantis. Silva refers to these people with light hair and eyes as the Anunnaki (which means ‘those of royal blood’) who are a group – or several groups – of advanced people that are referred to in the Nag Hammadi texts, the Mesopotamian tablets, and even the bible where they are possibly called The Watchers or the Nephilim. He feels they are responsible for building the ancient temples, pyramids and megalithic structures around the world, which show precise complex mathematical data and the use of advanced technology such as levitation, dematerialisation of stone and even portal technology, working with the Ley Lines of the planet.

Silva goes on to say that many of these Anunnaki were described as having red hair -the Urekhu, Tuatha de Danaan and even the helpers of Viracocha, who were described as being red or auburn headed. After their home of Atlantis was destroyed in a great flood in 9,600BC they were forced to find new places to live so they travelled to different continents and must have interbred with people as they travelled around because their red and blonde hair with green or blue eyes has spread everywhere.

In the 15th century the Spanish sailors were surprised to find that a sizeable percentage of the island of Tahiti consisted of red and blonde headed people with light coloured eyes; even though the indigenous population were dark haired and skinned. He suggests that some of these Anunnaki people travelled up into Scandinavia, dropping down into the orkney isles and then into Scotland and Wales and round into Ireland, leaving Scotland and Ireland as the two countries where red hair was seen the most (before we started moving around so much): Whilst another group of them travelled into Egypt, where interestingly red hair has been found too. This appears to follow the route of the Tuatha de Danaan as they made their way into the middle east, around Europe and into Ireland, where according to folklore they eventually went underground. They are said to still be there and are what we refer to as the Sidhe today. I suspect that these are the Inner Earth people, who now live underground, and have advanced more spiritually than we have, hence are now living in a higher density to us and are invisible to us, unless they wish to be seen (dematerialisation technology aka energy-matter manipulation).

Red hair has apparently been around for much longer than blonde hair (18,000 years ago) and blue eyes (42,000 years ago) and has been traced to the MC1R gene, which is said to have ‘switched on’ up to 100,000 years ago due to the cooler climate of the Steppe in Central Asia where it originated from. But maybe this is because it entered into our gene pool then? In fact many of our ancestors are thought to have had red hair, including Cleopatra, Pharaoh Ramses II and even full tribes of people, such as the Thracins and the Budni, and when you look back at history it is surprising how much red hair comes up in paintings and statues, especially within the royal families and aristocrats. Even the statues of Easter island were found to have had their hair painted using red ochre, indicating that these were also red or auburn haired.

In the research and books of Michael Tsarion, who has been researching the Irish civilisation for decades, with a particular focus on Ireland and the British Isles. He suggests that the British Isles makes up part of the lost continent of Atlantis, and discusses the ancient history of Ireland as being one of the oldest civilisations, dating back thousands of years, which stems from Indo-European roots, not Roman’s, as the textbooks tell us. If this Tuatha de Danaan group of people came in on boats from Alta or Atlantis, then maybe another Atlantis researcher, Marco Virago’s theory that Atlantis ran in a large land mass all down the Atlantic Ocean in between what is now America and Europe is true too. Either way there are many researchers and accounts of Atlantis being a large land mass where an advanced civilisation of people lived. Were they the anunnaki, watchers, fallen angels or Tuatha de Danaan?

Probably all of them, and more, as I suspect that there were many races and civilisations living and working together at this time too. In Ireland Atlantis also had other names, one of which was Murias, and when you consider the Gaelic language that is also found in France, we can see that Le Murias or Le-muria, could have also been part of this lost world too. What is certain to me though, is having researched this for around 6 years there was definitely an ancient advanced civilisation before us, who left behind all the megalithic monuments, pyramids (5,000 of them) temples and polygonal walls that weren’t destroyed by the flood; there definitely was a great flood around 9,600 BC that wiped out this civilisation, and many others, as this flood is talked about in more than 500 different cultures around the world, and there are definitely people in this world who know about this ancient history, and for reasons of their own have suppressed it.


The researcher and author, Erich Von Daniken believes that these Anunnaki people came from another planet and came here to earth in space ships, possibly even from a mother ship that was based up in our solar system and is what the bible and various accounts call ‘heaven’. As he goes on to say if you replace ‘god’ with the word extraterrestrial and ‘heaven’ with the word spaceship the bible does seem to make more sense. There are certainly many examples of space ships talked about in the Old Testament and in the book of Enoch he is even given the design for a space ship. The directions for this design were re-created by NASA engineers and it turned out to be the same vimana style of ship that is talked about in the Mahbarata texts and shown on many of their imagery.

The late Zacceria Sitchin, who has written 14 books on the Anunnaki and has translated many cuneiform tablets also believed that these blonde haired tall people were part of the Anunnaki but that the red hair came from the Igigi – the worker people of the anunnaki – who also worked on Mars. He believes that they are referred to as the watchers in the bible that ‘laid with the daughters of man and created the nephilim – a race of red headed giants’. These red haired watchers then moved into the aristocracy and royal families of today. Personally I feel that the cuneiform tablets make up a small part of humanities origins, and we are in fact descended from a huge variety of different races – probably from other planets, because most of our DNA doesn’t come from here – who lived on this planet and built this antediluvian world of our past. We probably co-habited alongside other hominids such as the Sasquatch and Alma’s etc. that we have also interbred with in the past (there is evidence of this in the Caucus mountains) and the Neanderthals and Denisovans – who we also bred with but as we weren’t highly fertile with any of these different members of the Homo family, they ultimately died out and intermingled with our own DNA.

Freddy Silva also interviews the Waitahar people who are from the Cook Islands and who talk of people coming to help them in 3,000BC after the sea rose and flooded their islands. The Tapanuki (similar to anunnaki) as they called them, had been visiting and helping them for a long time and also helped them in 9,600BC when a huge flood occurred, which also sank their island too, a large circular island in the Indian Ocean. The Waitaha tribe recorded that these tall red headed people tried to mate with the women but the babies were so huge that the women died when giving birth, leading Silva to make the assumption that these anunnaki people were just as wiped out as homo sapiens were, after the great flood, and thus were forced to mate with humans to preserve their own race. He goes on to say that another tribe who live in Tongareva, a small island in the pacific ocean, refer to their ancestors, who originally came from Peru. But before moving to Peru, they used to live on an island, called Motu Taiko, and whilst there intermarried with another tribe who called themselves Tupenake or Anunnaki, who were light skinned, had red and blonde hair and blue or green eyes. They say that these people were highly intelligent and advanced in their knowledge but were still people, and were not gods. When their island sank they moved to Tongareva. 

RH Negative Bloodline

The Basque people are a very interesting group and not only do they have the most amount of RH- in their bloodlines (35%) but no one knows exactly where they have come from. They arrived in Andorra between 10,000 to 75,000 years ago, however their genes show that they do not share the same Indo-european DNA that the rest of europe share and they have no Sub Saharan DNA in their genes unlike other groups from this region, showing that they didn’t come from Africa. Not only is their language similar to South America, but they have been isolated since the iron age hence their genes have become isolated too. Many of their words appear to come from the South American language and bear no reference to the European languages of their region. But the Basque are not the only ones with a high percentage of RH- in their blood type, the Saudis and upper Morrocons also have an unusually high percentage too: Probably from inbreeding, which some cultures practise to preserve their bloodlines. As an interesting aside, when looking at the link between RH- and red headed dominant countries, Ireland has 15% RH- and Scotland 18.4% RH- which doesn’t seem excessively high, until you realise that the Asian populations, have little to none, RH- blood types at all. The RH- bloodline is predominantly European and does not come from Africa, Asia or even the America’s putting paid to the Out of Africa Theory for the RH negative blood people. The United Kingdom has the highest amount of red haired people per capita, although now the US has the most amount of red haired people simply because they are such a huge landmass (2 continents) and probably many UK & Irish descendants have moved there.

The RH- blood group has now been evidenced as not being part of our human lineage and no one knows where it comes from, but there are many who refer to it as the extraterrestrial bloodline. If this bloodline doesn’t come from Homo sapiens, then it must come from another race. If these advanced people came from a different planet and brought the RH- to earth, then it would explain how it got into our genes. One of the things that is puzzling many geneticists at the moment though is the huge amount of scarring in our DNA evidencing a vast amount of genetic engineering. Some of it dates back 200,000 years ago but who was around 200,000 years ago that could perform genetic alterations? What is certain is that there was definitely an advanced civilisation around in the past that we have forgotten about because we are only taught a very limited amount of history in our education.

The 10 Lost Tribes of Israel

As these Tuatha de Danaan were also known as the Tribe of Danu, they could be linked to the Tribe of Dan, who are said to be one of the lost 10 tribes of Israel and who are thought to have populated the British Isles, and are ‘genetically, racially and linguistically Israeli’s’, known as Anglo-Israelism. This isn’t as far fetched as it sounds and there is much evidence to support this theory – the secret society illuminati and Rothschild family can be traced back to ancient Babylonia, as well as the Fiat financial system, and the British royal family are part of this too. There are many theories and no one knows the complete truth but we can definitely piece things together in a way that sits well with our own truth.

Certainly I am working with many more people who remember these ancient Lemurian or Atlantis times and seem to have returned now for a reason. Either to make amends, release karma, take on ’round two’ of helping humanity to ascend (as opposed to wiping themselves out) or many other reasons.

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