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Wealth Consciousness

A group coaching online course that will transform your finances, wealth, abundance, prosperity...AND LIFE!

“I am an action oriented, self disciplined doer but somehow not being able to receive wealth and abundance I deserve. In just one hour a day, Elisabeth made me look at my deep seated negative beliefs and thoughts. She uses cutting edge techniques and healing modalities to clear our destructive patterns. She is candid, knowledgeable, energetic and compassionate”

“I have a new appreciation for the power and potential of working with energy as a means to healing blocks around money. Ruth is an absolute mine of knowledge and is so committed to sharing what she has learned and put into practice with her own life. I had incredible results from her guided meditations. Highly recommended. It will change your life”

“I had never experienced energy work before and didn't know what to expect but it has been transformational and I feel I experienced massive shifts. I always felt that I was never able to attract the wealth I wanted, so I had a suspicion that I was sabotaging myself. Ruth's program helped me to understand how, and start clearing it, which has transformed my finances and life”


Are you earning your full potential? Most of us aren't in this 3D world and many of us are sitting in financial struggle. I have put together this online course to help you with your money and connect you to a group of like minded people so we can all step into a wealth consciousness life. Together. When we are supported, life feels easier.

This transformational course will help you to:

Create more wealth and money in your life and business by tapping into the high vibrational platform of creation and energy work

Understand how your emotions are one of your biggest resources to help you create a more prosperous and abundant business and life

Gain access to effective tools and techniques that will add financial structure into your business and life and help you start attracting more wealth

Understand how your limiting beliefs are sabotaging your wealth and success and start ‘energetically’ clearing them so you can receive more money

Learn the steps to wealth consciousness and start putting in habits to ‘energetically’ transform your levels of abundance and prosperity


I’ve so enjoyed the wealth consciousness course and was delighted to be offered work - seemingly out of the blue - at a 33% higher rate than before: no mean feat given the current economy! I’ve been in the group for 4 months, doing energy healing, ancestral clearing, inner child healing etc, along with the online course, and I’ve felt big shifts afterwards. It has really helped me to think positive, despite chronic health issues and financial struggles, and to stay on track whereas in the past such difficulties would lead to me feeling stuck. I’ve also managed to remain hopeful despite media coverage re global financial problems I really feel the transformation and am so grateful to Elisabeth and my fellow group members. A heartfelt thank you.

Meet Ruth Elisabeth.

Hi, I'm Ruth Elisabeth, an INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING Author and a top #10 podcaster & host of WORK YOUR ENERGY PODCAST a show all about higher consciousness, raising your vibration and creating more wealth, success and happiness in your life.

Having worked in business for 30 years, I started working for myself around 14 years ago and set up my own consulting, coaching and training business, which has allowed me to work closely with entrepreneurs writing business plans, putting together profit and loss and balance sheets and helping them to increase their profit.

Before this I was a Business Management Lecturer, lecturing in Financial Management, Business Strategy, People Development and Marketing to undergraduates in the UK. So, I feel I have mastered Business!


What I didn't see coming was my own self sabotaging, inherited money blocks and societal programming around money and imposter syndrome that kept me stuck in struggle for years.

This took me into the world of Money Mindset around 5 years ago, and during that time I have worked hard on my inner world in order to create transformational changes in my outer world.

Now, I work with entrepreneurs on their mindset, energy and limiting beliefs so they can stop sabotaging, clear inherited money blocks and get back to a more successful business and life, using energy work and intuitive coaching.

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