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Were our ancestors extraterrestrials?

Whilst I was researching for my next book all about true human origins, our extraterrestrial ancestry and the multiverse, I stumbled across a very interesting source in the Book of Adam and Eve from the bible. 

Enoch is the scribe of many books in the bible, and in the book of Adam and Eve, he mentions that when one couple leaves the enclosure at Gar-sag for the valley below, they notice that the substance of their bodies changes and they become more dense. I never used to take much notice of the bible as it makes no sense to me, but when you start comparing it to other ancient or indigenous accounts, you begin to realise how much of it are historical accounts, that even refer to visitors from space landing on Earth. According to author and researcher Mauro Biglini, who has been retranslating the old texts of the bible, the Catholics and Christians took out mentions of space visitors, but the other religions left them in!

The ancient Siberian and Iranian people also claimed their ancestors were less dense and their skin was more pale and radiant, and their hair was often white. The Talmucks and Tibetans of Central Asia also report that the bodies of these advanced people gave off light and were compared to stars. They lived for hundreds of years and only ate fruit from a forgotten tree (the tree of life?) but the more they associated with the physical world, the more dense and less luminous they became, and the shorter their life spans were. Could this be why the Indian and other Asian caste-systems prize white skin, because this is a sign of a spiritual being? If so, then what exactly does spiritual mean and who are these luminous ancestors of ours? 

Certainly we can see that our ancestors lived very long lives, as can be seen in the Sumerian Kings List and in the bible, when it follows the ancestral line of Adam – of which Enoch is the 7th down the line. This also tells us that Enoch was one of these spiritual beings too as his great grandson is described as also being luminous, with white hair and blue eyes. Are spiritual beings another name for extraterrestrial or transdimensional beings? People that come from other solar systems to us? I expect so yes, and they appear to be our ancestors. So what does that make us? 

For some time now I have felt that we aren’t evolved apes, we are humans and have been living on our planet for millions of years. And I’m not alone in my thinking. There have been hundreds of ancient artefacts, and even human skeletons, carbon dated to hundreds of millions of years ago, that author Micheal Cremo documents in his books. We are the last in a long line of genetically mutated humans, that seems to evidence more downgrades than upgrades in our genomes. (although this is changing now and our genes are now benefiting from these genetic changes) In fact I don’t even think we are one race of people, and we definitely haven’t evolved from one man/ape and one woman/ape as the bible tells us. We are several races and species, all intermingled with each other and living alongside each other for millenia. This is why every culture has its own creation story and the indigenous tribes talk of being in our 4th, 5th or even 7th world. Our civilisations have been wiping themselves out (or are being wiped out) through wars, cataclysms and massive global floods for thousands, or maybe millions of years. 

Physicist Brookes Agnew suggests that humans are causing cataclysm themselves, because we are too low vibrational as a species, which in turn causes us to attract lower vibrations of matter – comets, meteors and astroids to us. When we raise our vibrational frequency we will essentially move into 5D which looks different to us in space. As string theory expert Michio Kaku says “dimensions are not places to go, they are all around us” meaning that it is our vibration that dictates which dimension we are in. 

So, if we raise or expand our own vibration will we become like our ancestors again? Lighter, brighter and more luminous? Maybe, because we are already light beings, and quantum physics has evidenced that we are made of energy and light. But I suspect it’s not about raising our vibration, but remembering who we are. 

We are the extraterrestrials and we all came here from other planets ourselves. As The Ra Material says, the Atlanteans created the new human form (Cro Magnon) by harnessing the holographic field and manipulating the geometric shapes to create the form. This allowed higher dimensional souls to incarnate, so we could start ascending as a species, which is probably what the real meaning of evolution is too!

We had been suppressed for so long that we had forgotten who we were – a fractal of source, a sovereign being of the Universe and a higher dimensional soul ourselves.

Now with the rising energies of the planet (evidenced in the Shumann Resonance), the light codes streaming in from the stars, sun and the cosmos, and the new extraterrestrial DNA coming in with the starseeds, we are getting back on track with our evolution into a 4D/5D consciousness world.

Have hope, focus on positivity and join together to help shift the collective consciousness of humanity into 4D and 5D.

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