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What is Christ Consciousness?

In this week’s blog we look at what Christ Consciousness is, where it came from and why the church tried to hijack it, as we continue our ascension into the next phase of humanity.

What is Christ Consciousness and why is it here?

Christ consciousness can be seen as the highest frequency in the universe, which we call compassion, or love. It’s essentially another name for Source Energy, Creator or God, so connecting to Christ Consciousness is all about connecting back to the higher realms of consciousness or ‘raising our vibration’, which is a personal journey of self development, and what many call spiritual awakening.

In Metaphysics it teaches that Christ Consciousness is a blue light that surrounds our planet and was brought back in 2,000 years ago by Yeshua (Jesus), when he incarnated here. Yeshua incarnated on Earth from the higher dimensions/densities in order to bring humanity back to the Christ Consciousness and connect us back to our original state. A Fractal of Source. He was part of the original Adam and Eve bloodline, which is a much higher density bloodline, and what we would probably call Starseed today. Starseeds are unable to incarnate into lower consciousness beings, as the blood genetics do not match the soul frequency, consequently they are to born to mothers who hold higher frequency DNA themselves. Everything is resonance and frequencies need to be aligned. If you are reading this blog then I would guess that you are a Starseed too.

The Adam and Eve bloodline forms one of the extraterrestrial bloodlines that were brought to Earth, by space visitors who travelled here, called the Anunnaki. There is much evidence of genetic engineering in our DNA, and no geneticist understands where it came from or who did it, as some of it can be traced back 200-250,000 years ago. Although some could be natural, there are parts that defy logic, so who was so advanced 200,000 years ago that they could alter DNA? We either have to consider advanced people living on Earth who genetically altered us, or advanced people from another planet that genetically altered us. The ancient Sumerian tablets tells many stories of sky gods that came here and genetically altered the current hominid living on this planet, as does the Book of Enoch in the Ethiopian bible. Indeed it seems Enoch was probably a Starseed or human/alien hybrid himself.

As Mary, Jesus’s mother was said to be a ‘virgin’ Yeshua/Jesus was probably an ET/human hybrid that was inseminated into Mary on a spaceship (the heavens). As insemination wasn’t known about 2,000 years (or we believe it wasn’t) this would have been carried out by an advanced species. Considering the book of Enoch, the Indian Vedas, the Sumerian tablets and many indigenous tribes all talk of advanced people, who they call ‘gods’, due to their use of advanced technology and their flying chariots in space, flying vimana’s in Indian culture and flying rocks in Japanese cultures, we get a feeling that these people were different to the average human on Earth at that time.

The Sumerian tablets go back to 7,000 years ago but they write about stories from a much earlier time period. The indigenous tribes, such as the Hopi Indians and Aborigines have been passing down oral stories for 80-85,000 and talk of great cataclysms that wiped out humanity, where we were re-created by the gods again. The Dogon tribe in Mali, have always said that they were the descendants of the Nommos (or they added their DNA to them) who come from Sirius B and who have been visiting them for centuries.

If we consider these stories to be true then we can also consider that Jesus was a higher dimensional being that incarnated here to help the Earth ascend at this time too. In fact in our (alternative) history there have been babies dropped off on Earth (as Eisenhower agreed with the Tau Ceti people) and advanced souls, incarnating into human avatars – Buddha, Lord Shiva, Krishna etc. – who then take on prominent roles in history. And according to more courageous geneticists there is even evidence that we are being altered ‘in utero’ on a pretty large scale (modern day Starseeds). And it’s all designed to help raise the frequency of the Earth, and connect us back to Source (christ consciousness) again.

How Christ Consciousness was hijacked by the Church

When Yeshua was alive he had access to many of the abilities that we used to have access to (but ours were switched off when we downgraded by the ‘gods’) which meant that he was performing what we would call ‘miracles’ today – although when you work as an energy healer, you can see that this is also a natural ability that we all possess (if you want to learn more then read my last book, Work Your Energy). He was a psychic medium and healer, as many of us are today.

As he travelled around the globe performing miracles and healing people, he built up quite a following, and became so well known, the church knew that they wouldn’t be able to stamp him out (as he would become a Martyr) so they hijacked his teachings instead.

They turned his story into one that uses blood (satanic ritual), the cross (hijacked by the illuminati), fear (you will be punished if you do anything wrong), guilt (that we are sinners) and shame (he died for our sins) in order to scare and control the population. The churches have grotesque images of Jesus dripping with blood and we are taught to worship this image – as the illuminati Vatican have hijacked this story through their ‘spells’ – we are actually giving our energy to them, not Jesus.

Jesus was a normal man like us, albeit he had access to all his abilities, and did not want to be worshipped. He came here to tell us to wake up to the tyranny of the world leaders and connect back to Christ Consciousness again. Our natural state. He also brought back the energy of it, and what we would call bringing in ‘light codes’ today. All Starseeds have brought in their own lights codes, through their genetics, just as Yeshua did too.

The Christ Consciousness energy has been in our collective consciousness for 2,000 years now, and has been activating us, whether we are aware of it or not.

We can connect to this powerful energy source, when we want, and use it for healing, stress therapy and connection to the higher realms.

We can also connect to it for information about ourselves, our history and why we are here. We each come with a mission but if you have forgotten yours, you can tune into the frequency of Christ Consciousness and ask any questions you want to ask about yourself.

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