What Is Energetic Alignment & How Do We Do It?

Getting energetically aligned (or realigned) in your business and life can create such dramatic shifts that its worth doing on a regular basis but what is it and how do we do it?


Energetic alignment is when our mind, body and spirit sync up and we feel completely aligned with our lives and work. Our heart plays a big part in this too so when we align our business to our true desires and dreams, things start to work better, often creating quantum leaps in our business growth or ability to manifest more easily.

When we are doing what we are brilliant at, feel daily passion whilst doing it, and and have developed true meaning for our work our success grows exponentially and we step onto the high vibrational platform used to create or manifest a better life and more successful business for ourselves. We are manifesting all the time (called creating) and it’s not something we need to learn to do; what we need to get better at is knowing what we want, and using high vibrational energy to attract it. Many of us are sitting in low vibrational energies of fear, annoyance, resentment, depression, guilt, grief, shame or frustration and we can’t manifest from this place. When we are doing what we love, and feel aligned with it, we are naturally plugged into this high vibrational place – often called FLOW. 


In life we can start to live our dreams (or passions). Live more in our own skin and authentic self and speak our truth more often. In business we can get more aligned with the clients that our heart wants to work with, create a more authentic brand image and shift our positioning to one that feels more in harmony with what we are trying to create in the world. I have discovered that it’s often just a little tweak that is needed, but it can be so hard to see inside our own mind’s and we can find ourselves going round and round in circles, as our analytic mind tries to find the solution to our problems. 

Energetic alignment is all about connecting to the heart, doing things that make it sing, and living in an energetically expanded or abundant state. Feeling that we can have all of our dreams, not denying ourselves and making sure our energy is expanded, as opposed to contracted, at all times. Expanded energy feels big, magical and like anything is possible, whereas contracted energy feels small, fearful, limiting, fixed or controlling. The heart is our connection to the energy (quantum) field and when we lead from the heart, feel into the heart and connect to the heart we not only replenish our own Bio-field – keeping us healthy – but we also start living a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. We begin to feel into why we came here and what we want to do with the limited time that we have.

But there is something else to be aware of with our energy too, and that is our subconscious mind.


The problem with the subconscious mind is that we are operating from it around 90% of the time, and as we don’t ‘consciously’ know what’s in there, we don’t know what we are ‘broadcasting out’ of our subconscious mind (or the energy field of the body). Most of what’s in our subconscious is programming from our childhood, parents, schools, friends and environments, built up between the ages of 0-7. But, if your childhood was spent listening to your parents stress about money, shouting at each other because that’s what their parents did, or living in the lack mindset, struggle and oppression of most 9-5 jobs, then these are the things (beliefs/programs) that will be running your life too.

As a rule of thumb, the less your life is working for you, the more debilitating or limiting these thoughts or beliefs are: And as research, notably the field of Epigenetics is now indicating that we can also inherit these beliefs from our ancestors too, you could even be operating from the limiting beliefs of ancestors that you have never even met. More than 14 generations ago.

Thanks to energy work more and more of us are starting to free ourselves and the generations to come from these debilitating beliefs and imprinted traumas, that are stopping us all from living the life that we want to experience. Energy work allows you to talk through your problems – creating awareness around them – and then energetically clearing them, whilst putting the high vibrational energy back in – in the form of rituals, positive daily habits, affirmations and mantra’s.

If you feel that you are not achieving your full potential in life or business growth feels slow, then book an Energetic Alignment Session or sign up to one of my Online Courses.


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