What is Heart-Led AI?

Around 10 years ago DNA testing became very cheap due to new types of testing and it was rolled out to the masses. Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and got their DNA tested to find out more about where they come from.

However just recently, it was announced that one of these cheap DNA testing sites, 23andMe have sold their customer’s DNA to Big Pharma, who have said they will use it to create genetically targeted drugs (ref: New Scientist)

But, at the same time, it was also announced that weapons of mass destruction can now target certain genetic groups, which insinuates that it’s not genetically targeted drugs that are being created, but genetically targeted diseases, called bio-weapons.

Now we have AI software, platforms, and content writers, popping up everywhere – and it’s all free! Helping us to create better content, marketing campaigns and systems.

And yet…

…in business, we know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Because ethical business hasn’t quite caught on with the big corporations yet (it’s us SME’s and the little guys who are leading the way on this)

Just as the cheap DNA testing taught us. There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

So before we give up our customers data to AI, become so dependent on AI that we can’t function without it anymore (like iPads and iPhones today) and normalise it so much that we implant chips into our brains so we can work with it more easily, we need to stop and take a deep breath and get back to ourselves again.

Our true selves, the intuitive and discerning self, that knows when something is not a ‘free lunch’ and needs more consideration and reflection.

The True Human.

Who we really were, before our education systems, belief structures and conditioning programmed it out of us.

We need to open the heart – our true power source – which has nothing to do with cheesy movies, and the multi billion dollar soul mate’s industry – it is our connection to the divine energy source and where we get our true power of ‘creation’ and ‘self healing’ from.

Yes, AI is just a tool, and it’s up to us how we use this tool, but we need to lead from the heart, not the mind. The mind can play tricks on us, and the ego hijacked, because it’s just a piece of software.

But the heart can’t be.

So, before you jump on everything AI, check in with your inner self, ask yourself if this is really the right company to be working with, and use your discernment before signing up to anything.

Consider how your customer’s data is involved in this, because as we discovered from the company 23andMe DNA testing company, once they have our data, they can do with it what they want.

NEVER let anyone put a microchip in your brain – however normal, and convenient, it may sound – you don’t need it. And you will no longer be human.

Human’s are incredible and we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of our true potential as a species. No other species only uses 10-15% of its full brain potential, which means that we have been ‘dumped’ down and switched off from our true abilities.

Everything that AI can give you, you can already do, we’ve just been conditioned not to believe it – not to believe in ourselves, not to trust ourselves (and the divine energy source of consciousness) and have been blocked off from our true abilities. Telekinesis, telepathy, mindsight, remote viewing, remote healing, levitation, teleportation and more.

If you want to learn how to connect back to some of your true capabilities then join our 6 month Intuitive Development program and find out who you really are. And more importantly, what you are really capable of. https://gloriabattini.my.canva.site/spiritual-intuitive-development-training


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