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What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Having worked as a coach for over 20 years, I was interested to learn about past lives. I was actually introduced to the concept by my 2 year old daughter who began talking about hers, between the ages of 2 and 4 yrs. She had lived in India, had been very poor, by the sounds of it, and lived with her mother and sister. In fact it was this, combined with her seeing entities in our house (also for 2-3 years) combined with her invisible friend called Squidgy, that prompted me to start researching if any of this could be true. Delving into the world of quantum physics, multiple dimensions and consciousness I learnt that it could be true. I then wrote my first book about – Work Your Energy – where I document the science behind the supernatural and my life as a burnt out mum! You can read more about my first book HERE

I then started to certify in some past life regression therapy modalities, such as Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy, Advanced Theta Healing and other Past Life Modalities so I could learn more, whilst studying what I could about past lives. In fact there have been a lot of studies into past lives, especially in children, who often remember them when they are young; which my research has told me is because of their brainwave activity. Kids are in the theta and alpha brainwaves until they get to around 7, maybe as late as 13. You can find out more about the studies of past lives in children – in particular the incredible story of James, the fighter pilot from WW2 – in this podcast episode.

These lower brainwaves connect us to our inner world of energy and consciousness, and the subconscious mind, which are called the miracle brainwaves for a reason. Theta is the self healing brainwave and where miracles occur (manifestation), whilst alpha is creativity and intuition, and the state we are in when we draw, dance, sing or work intuitively. Because they connect us to our subconscious and the inner world, it also connects us to our soul, the energy field and consciousness. This is what many call the Akashic Field which is filled with all the energy (emotional) imprints since time began, and thus incudes everything that has ever happened in our universe, and beyond. This is where we can find ours, or even other peoples past lives.

When I started to work intuitively with people, I tried out past life regression therapy, and it really has been remarkable for them. Not only does it release trapped emotions that have been epigenetically past down in their DNA for centuries, manifesting itself as repeat patterns and dis-ease, but it allows people to make sense of their life so far – why they have made certain decisions and how they are often sabotaging their careers, relationships and health without even knowing it. Of course, no one would sabotage their success on purpose, it’s all done subconsciously. But by piecing together patterns from past lives, we can start to release memories, emotions and trauma that even psychiatrists today, know is affecting us in this life. Many doctors and psychologists use past life regression therapy in their practice because it’s so effective, leading us to believe that we really must have had these past lives.

It has also occurred to me that we could be pulling these memories from the collective consciousness, because we are all connected, or it may be the mind creating metaphors, in order to help us heal trauma. However, the field of Epigenetics, which is now a peer reviewed science, has shown that we inherit our ancestors memories and traumas, which can go back as far as 40 generations, maybe even as much as 100 (or more), so the science is there. I have worked with many people on their past lives now, and I have noticed that it is life changing for them, especially if they have never done ‘energy work’ before – which is essentially working with the inner world.


Amit came to see me because he had always had relationship problems and felt like he was repeating patterns over and over again. He wanted to know why, so that he could move on and find a healthy relationship with someone. Three past lives came up and as we worked through them, he noticed particular people from his current life formed an intricate part of them. First he could now understand why he and his ex wife had always had problems, as he had had the same problems with her in a past life. Secondly he was able to see where his difficulty in giving up smoking had stemmed from as he had been a heavy smoker in his past life. Helping him to see these patterns, has helped him to move on. This is what he has said about the session.

“It was an experience of a life time or should I say many life’s, as a breath coach professional I like to try out things and this session was indeed very interesting wherein I got many answers to my repetitive scenarios in my life be it professional, personal and health related. All my queries were answered through this session conducted by Ruth Elisabeth. Thank you so much”

I have worked with many professionals on their past lives, and it really can be life changing, because it allows you to explore your own mind, and feel the lives as if they were your own.


During a past life reading session, we work on your subconscious mind, and I help you to explore metaphors, images and memories, in a way that helps you to make sense of your life, and see patterns that are repeating themselves. I am highly experienced in this field, and know which questions to ask you so that you can find what you need to find. We use metaphors to work through the different lives and always work through the ‘death scene’ as this is when the negative emotions or traumas can get trapped. Especially if it is a traumatic death. Most lives and deaths are normal and peaceful though, and it tends to be that the person died with regrets, anger, sadness or grief. Clearing these trapped emotions in your past lives, filters through into this life, because it changes your DNA-RNA replications. Which in turn can improve your health, release sabotaging behaviour and change your success. We usually go through 3-5 past lives, depending on how long your session is, and how in-depth we go into each life. I have found 90 minute sessions work best on deep rooted problems, but a lot can be achieved in 60 minutes too.

I cannot recommend this type of therapy enough, because working with the conscious mind is not enough, if you are someone that works hard, but success still doesn’t flow. We need to work with the subconscious mind too, as we operate from this part up to 95% of the time.

If you would like to find out if past life regression therapy would work for you or want to book a session then please connect with me HERE.


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