What is your true potential?

I have always been fascinated by true potential, but back when I decided to specialise in it, during my degree I had no idea where this would end up. I specialised in human potential aka people management, and then went on to do my masters in people development. Inside I knew that none of us weren’t reaching our full potential, but back then I didn’t understand what that meant.

Now I know that we are a species that has been dumbed down and even genetically altered, where most of our DNA has been switched off. No one can argue with this because we have proof, although when we get proof like this, the academic institutes tend to turn a blind eye and focus on something else. Our chromosomes have been played around with, and not only have our telomeres been cut, resulting in death at 120 years old, but our brain was inhibited, the crystals in our pineal gland switched off and the gene for speech was switched on, resulting in us losing our telepathic abilities (although science is showing us that we still have this ability).

We are only using around 3% of our DNA – our gene coding DNA – and the rest is called junk. It doesn’t even come from this planet and we do not know what it is for. Although it’s starting to be switched back on again, in fast amounts, and we have no idea how or why this is happening. We are told these are quantum mutations and are a natural part of evolution – which is true – but it’s more a matter of what we aren’t told, that makes the biggest difference.

Children are being born with self healing abilities that scientists can’t figure out. Children are being born with codons switched on and have 24 out of 64 active codons, as opposed to the current 20 out of 64 switched on and active codons in the rest of us. 3% of the population now have these 24 codons switched on, and are thus more resistance to disease, in particular they are immune to HIV.

Another anomaly is that humans have acquired 223 genes that have not come via evolution and literally just appeared as a sideways insertion. Interestingly, it is genetic material that is related to “higher psychological functioning” which again shows that humans are being re-connected to their higher selves aka higher consciousness again.

We are connecting back to the higher dimensions, as our planet shifts position, and receives huge bursts of energy, from solar flares and cosmic dust. The Schumann resonance is rising and is what we call ascension. Everything and everyone is ascending now.

So, what does Ascension mean for us?

It means our full potential is switching back on, and even our DNA is activating and switching back on, as the case of Alfie, a baby born in the UK in 2016 demonstrates. He is the first child born with 3 strands of DNA, but I bet there are lots more by now. Even the Nobel prize winner Francis Crick, said that we most likely used to have 3 strands of DNA, and there are definitely signs of genetic altering in our DNA because evolution doesn’t account for all the thousands of changes in such a short space of time.

So, what is our full potential?


Mindsight is what we used to call clairvoyance, and is what we call remote viewing. It is the proof that we can see using our 3rd eye, as studies are being carried out around the world with the blind who can read books when using this technique. Everything is energy, and energy can be seen with our 3rd eye. We can use our 3rd eye to access ALL of the energy field, and remote view across time and space.


There is plenty of science to back up the fact that we are a telepathic species, and probably used this form of communication before our speech gene was switched on 200,000 years ago. The entire universe communicates telepathically and we are doing so too, we just aren’t aware of it.


In 1943 The Philadelphia Experiment was carried out when the US Army tried to make a destroyer escort ship, called the USS Eldridge, disappear using a new type of technology, that they most likely got from the ETs the various governments have been working with since the 1930’s. They tested out this new technology on these solders without telling them first, with horrible results. They teleported, but when they ‘landed’ there were limbs everywhere, men stuck inside walls and more. Since then this technology has been perfected. There are even a group of children in China who are called The Teleport Kids, who have been teleporting bugs between jars. Soon we will all be able to do this because it uses quantum entanglement or non-locality. We are all one energy, and are particles as well as energy, and can be in multiple places at once.


There are many people who can move objects with their mind, and this is a skill which is increasing around the world, especially with children born after 2012. It is a skill that many of us need to re-learn because it takes a huge amount of brainpower and meditation to achieve, but the new generation is being born into a different, and more ascended, planet, hence they are able to do much more with their new DNA.

Remote viewing

We can all do this, because it is a matter of consciousness, and allowing ‘our’ consciousness to become more aware of the quantum field – where everything physical exists as energy – and every thought, emotion or event, has been energetically imprinted (this is what our ancient ancestors called the akashic field). This means we can go back to past times, and understand more of what happened, as well as the future, to understand potential timelines that may occur. Time only exists on our planet, but outside of this – called spacetime – everything is happening at once. We can remote view anything, anyone or any event. The US Military used remote viewing to see other military bases on this planet and on mars, which they called Project Blue Beam. Remote viewing is what many of us call intuitive reading today, and is essentially us ‘reading’ the energy and frequency ‘around’ us. It is a skill that we can relearn so if you want to relearn it then sign up to one of my programs or online courses today. Book a free consultation to discuss which one is best for you.

Self healing

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, but if we need extra support, then we can use herbs and spices to heal our bodies too. Self healing comes from our subconscious mind, and it works alongside brainwaves – which I talk about a lot in my first book; Work Your Energy. The theta brainwaves are the self healing and manifestation brainwaves, and when we access these our bodies can heal. This is how meditation works, and how it keeps us healthy and happy. This is how hypnosis works too, because it enables us to access these healing and miracle brainwaves on demand.


The world intuition covers a wide range of skills, from a ‘knowingness’ where you can’t explain how you know something, to a stronger/deeper connection to your superconsciousness mind, to being able to read someone’s else’s thoughts or energy, to being able to access information from their energy field (which contains a lot of information) and other senses, that take us beyond the current 5 senses. There are now 7 or 8 senses, as this field expands, into sensory perception beyond the physical. The gamma brainwaves are now being seen as the psychic ones that give us our psychic abilities, and which is far harder for us to access. However if you practice meditation and reaching states of ‘bliss’ then you are already in the gamma state as the Tibetan monks and Cistern Nuns are already showing us. Prayer is the gamma brainwave and has nothing to do with religion.

If you have a desire to reach your true potential then you can read more here, buy my new book or sign up to an online course.


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