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Where do dragons come from, and are they real?

For the past year I have been researching hidden history and our origins for my next book and have dived into all sorts of areas but one of the areas that I have been fascinated by is dragons. My son has always been obsessed by dragons (and dinosaurs) and draws and paints them all the time.

One day he woke up and came into my room and said “mummy, I had a dream and the dragons said I need to ask you to teach me about them”. My first thought was “who was he speaking to” and my next thought was “what can I teach him about dragons” so I began researching them, and this is what I have found.

1. Dragons are the ancient symbol for energy and is probably what earth or sky energy looked like to our ancient ancestors – a flowing energy channel – who used to tap into this energy for better health, healing, vitality and received wisdom (as we still do today). We now have machines that can record these hotspots of energy around the planet, and we know that sacred sites were built on these high energy places. They allowed individuals to connect to earth energy – the geomagnetic energy fields around the earth – which then connect to sky energy during important times of the year (solstice / equinox) thus acting as portals to the stars.

2. Dragon energy is the kundalini energy that runs up the body from the root chakra, up and out the top of our head (crown chakra). This forms part of our energy body, and when we tap into this we can create a better life for ourselves (we always need to remember that spirituality is only about tapping into our full potential so we can live in a better reality). This energy body – which has been recorded as stretching up to 9ft outside of our body – works in harmony with the energy field that we exist in, and as we raise our vibration (or levels of consciousness) we interact in a more enlightened way with the cosmos, which in turn feeds back to us. Our ancestors were far more in touch with the energy of the cosmos and earth, and used it to create ‘magical’ things, which we can do too if we put our mind to it, and step out of the entertainment and trappings of the physical world for a bit.The true mystics in our world, were able to manipulate the laws of nature and transcend the physical world through the teachings of the mystery schools, which Jesus also attended when he was a boy.

3. The Sophia dragon is the feminine energy that is flooding the world right now. In our universe we have masculine energy and feminine energy. Yin and Yang. They are two of the same coin because everything has masculine and feminine energy, even us. We can call upon the archetypal energy of Sophia whenever we want to and use it to heal our body, heal our children, eliminate addictions, help us to reach our goals, release fear from our energy field and much much more.

4. In the past the dragon or serpent people were the mystics, pagans and druids of our world and you can see them a lot in our heritage – they come up in so many myths, on our flags etc. which tell us a lot about that country. In Malta, St George is killing the dragon, in Mexico the eagle is eating the serpent, and the Chinese flag has removed the dragon. In the UK the dragon of the Welsh flag still remains but has been taken over by the British and the (St.) George cross. Wales, Scotland and Ireland were the homelands of the mystics or druids for a while, and the hundreds of megalithic stones that align with the stars, and the sacred temples that were used in their initiation rituals can still be seen – until the church started killing them, demolishing their sacred sites, and building their own churches on these energetic hotspots around the world. They used fear, scaremongering and even gold incentives to turn people away from nature and into the control of the church. In Ireland St Patrick drove all the snakes (serpents) into the sea when the pagans were all driven out of Ireland and turned Ireland from a druid nation into a church fearing nation.

The Maji (which is where the word magician comes from) were the dragon people who knew how to manipulate the laws of nature and step out of the 3D physical world – magic is simply understanding the laws of physics so that you can bend them and shift your reality into a better one for you. They knew that we live in a holographic universe, and we can bend reality – and tapping into our energy body helps us to do this.

So, are dragons real?

It depends what you mean by real. Do you only believe something if you can see it?

Then you are missing out on the true magic of life and playing into the hands of the very people who don’t want you to step back into this part of you. They are all using it, but don’t want you too as well, because that will make you as powerful as them.

Step back into the world of energy, the druids (dragons) and the true mystics – people like Jesus of the Essenes, who were trying to get us to wake up to the real power we have inside ourselves – the energy centre’s enable you to change your reality, upgrade your consciousness (your DNA receives information from changes in the local electromagnetic field and upgrades your health and wellbeing) and use this to step outside of the matrix that is keeping us all stuck inside a program of beliefs that are not true.

Ir doesn’t matter if you believe in dragons or not, it only matters, that you are having a good life, and doing what you came here to do. If you wish to learn more about this, want to start practising energy techniques in the comfort of your own home and enjoy reading stories about life, children, marriage and business growth, then you will enjoy my book. It is an easy read and is already an international best seller!

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