Why taking action is so important – the frequency & vibration version

According to studies 81% of don’t take action on our dreams (or life) but why? Having worked with people as a coach for over 20 years I can say it is for a variety of reasons – fear, confusion, lack of time, procrastination (fear), perfectionism, depression, demotivation and a lot more. It’s not that we don’t want to take action it’s because our subconscious mind, wants us to stay in our comfort zone, where we are safe, and can continue the human species. Which for many of us means not doing anything differently in our lives. So, we stay in our little hole and accept that this good ‘reality’ is better than a different or possibly amazing ‘reality’.

So, let’s look at this in a different way, because this is what helped me to start taking action on my life. I was stuck in depression and grief and had little time for myself as I was taking care of two kids, whilst my husband was never at home. Life felt too much to handle, and I could barely wash my face in the morning, let alone start achieving my dreams.

Roll forward a few years and I discovered the world of energy, or the energy field. I discovered that we are energy and live in an invisible field of energy, which not only “animates us” as Nassim Haramein from the Resonance Science Foundation says but also replenishes and guides us, bringing our bodies to life and connecting us to the expanded infinite Field.

As I began to see myself differently I felt my energy beginning to return. I connected with my Higher Mind and the energies around me for guidance, healing and support and the more I did this the more energy I had. I felt my body gradually raise its own vibration, which inspired me to keep going. I also listened to hypnotherapy audio’s and guided meditations, to rewire my brain, which is the field of Neuroplasticity. It wasn’t overnight but I did start to feel better straight away, I just had to focus on sticking to it. Meditating twice a day, listening to guided meditations, practicising yoga and being more conscious of myself (mindfulness). It all makes a difference, whatever you do, and like most women, I was already a healthy eater and an exerciser.

But then I started to research frequency and vibration and the more I meditated the deeper wisdom and understanding I got. I started to see the world differently, and realised that I was far more expanded than this world leads us to believe. We have a physical body and an energy body, and our energy body radiates around 3-9 ft outside of our physical self, spreading outwards into the cosmos and connecting us to everything and everyone.

Frequency in Action  

Energy continually ebbs and flows and as we are made of energy we are also continually ebbing and flowing. But sometimes energy can get stuck or trapped, in the form of negative (low vibrational) thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. As the energy flows through our meridian centres the stagnation can cause an energy imbalance, causing the energy to flow the wrong way through our body. In yoga the flow of energy should flow from the root chakra upwards towards the crown chakra – connecting us with the energy field and source energy (the god frequency) for a higher vibrational life.

Consciousness Flowing Through Us

When the energy field flows through us, it brings consciousness with it. Consciousness is energy and as we interact with it, it brings knowledge, wisdom, creativity and inspiration. As we change internally inside, and begin to raise our inner vibration or state of being, we then connect with the energy field around us in a more high vibrational way. This is the key!

Once we have connected to spirit (consciousness) we download creativity and ideas which inspire us to take action. When we take ‘inspired action’ in our lives, we are allowing spirit to flow through us which brings the right action for us. The type of action which replenishes our body and connects us to what our superconscious (higher) mind wants to create in this lifetime.

We are Energy, Spirit & Flow 

We are not just a physical body, we are energy too, which is why we need to connect to the energies around us. They are all there, upgrading, supporting and replenishing our body whenever we need it. Pushing our energy just results in burnt out, because not only are we often channeling the wrong energy for us but we are also pushing ourselves from The Mind. When we come at life through the mind, we are coming at life through the ego. the inner critic, fear or past trauma’s and experiences (even watching scary films can create trauma in our mind). The subconscious mind wants to keep us safe where we take no risk (but also don’t live life to the full) whereas the superconscious or higher mind is guiding us to more purpose and meaning, and what we came here to do. Whether you believe in spirit or not, our minds need to find meaning because they are innate problem solvers and do not rest until they have found the answers to our questions. In my opinion the Higher Mind has all the answers to your questions, because it is consciousness, and is The Field, but you need to believe it’s there, and connect with it daily to find this inner truth. The more you talk to it, the deeper the answers you will get. And the more you do this, the more these answers will start to resonate and make sense. If you only live in the physical world around you, you will only get half the information, and thus your brain cannot find it’s solutions – going round and round until it drives itself mad (or gets depressed).

Let Spirit Flow Through You 

Allowing spirit to guide us takes us into the right direction for us, energizes our body and takes us out of the fear, anxiety and procrastination, because we are now bigger and more expanded than us. We are our real selves – living and breathing with the energy field. Which is who we really are and how it should be. If we don’t connect to The Field then we are not living in our authentic selves. Connecting to it brings our energy up (raises our vibration), brings us wisdom and knowledge, and brings us the life that we came here to live. And with that comes meaning, fulfillment, happiness and the realisation of our true dreams.

Taking Action is Frequency

As we let the energy field (spirit) flow through us, we feel called to take action, and in that moment, action is what we should do. This is sprit guiding us into the right action for us, taking us to where our higher self wants to go, and leading us towards the higher vibrational frequencies or light that fill us up and replenish our bodies. When we allow ourselves to flow with the energy we are in total alignment with our soul, our being and our heart. If we don’t take action, we stop the flow of energy, and are back to square 1. Back in our hole. Back in our fear. And back in our procrastination. Which is why it is often true that any action is better than none. At least when you are moving you are out there attracting frequency to you, and with this frequency, comes your desires and heartfelt goals too.

In my opinion, when we don’t take action we start to create stagnation again, which puts us right back to where we started. The human spirit needs to keep moving, learning, experiencing and creating. It’s what we came here to do, and it’s how the universe works.

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