Why your ideas are your biggest competitive advantage

This week’s episode is all about ideas and how to generate more of them, because it’s ideas that are our biggest competitive advantage in our business. And all we have to do is change the brainwaves in our brains to get us to the ones that generate more ideas. Alpha brainwaves or the intuitive mind.

Our creative brains are what sets us apart from the animal world, and our ability to create outside of our brain, or imagine a new reality is what has allowed us to evolve at such a fast rate.

We are all as creative as each other but many of us think that we aren’t, it’s simply that we are not focused on our creativity or we are blocking it.

Stress, fear and being too prescriptive will all block our creativity, and most small business owners I meet suffer from all of these – or at least two of them.

So, tune in and listen to a brief introduction to creativity and then do 3 exercises to help you change your brainwaves.

This week as it’s only 4 weeks until 2020, I thought you might like to download a free copy of my 2020 Year Planner. https://elisabeth-hancock.lpages.co/freebie-yearly-planner/

If you want to get in touch with me then you can drop me a line here elisabeth@elisabethhancock.com or you can view my website here https://elisabethhancock.com/


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