Words, Symbology, Magic & The Occult

Words are so much more important to us than we believe, and so are symbols, which we can see around us in our world. There is a hidden layer to our world, which even Einstein acknowledged when he described an invisible layer of government, who I suspect are pulling strings behind the scenes. And have been for some time.

When we understand the true power of sound, and how sound creates everything, even frequencies, then it doesn’t take long before we then track back to the sounds that our words make. In fact over the past few thousand years our words have changed considerably and as some words have been taken out, so too have the sounds that the words make, when we say them out loud. Equally, many words have been added into our language, resulting in new sounds, that may not always be for our benefit.

When we speak, think, and feel we literally create our reality – both on a collective level and an individual one – and the sounds (words) we make, matter. Everything is about sound in our universe – sound even creates light (electromagnetism) and physical form, as the field of Cymatics proves to us. So reality starts with sound and then moves onto matter (physical). Everything in the universe is made up of magnetism (feminine energy) and electricity (masculine energy) and once you understand how this woks, you understand the true nature of our reality. We are surrounded by advanced civlisations who know how to tap into and harness this quantum vacuum we live in, and humans are also part of this.

Sound even brought our world into being, which is what the religious texts (which are historical accounts and wisdom passed on from our ancestors that have been edited and changed to suit the narrative of organised religion) are trying to tell us. “Let there be light” said god, who was most likely an advanced being that knew how to manipulate sound to create physical form. The ancient Mesopotamian texts talk of human creation stories, origin stories and flood stories that wiped out the earth. Genesis in the bible tells us of a firmament, which surrounds the earth and keeps us separate from the cosmos or heavens, leading many to believe we are living inside a simulated reality surrounded by a firmament and cutting us off from other species, planets and dimensions around us. Quantum physics has also alluded to this and you can read more about this in my blog “are we living in a simulated reality?’ 

Our world was created by sound, frequency and vibration.

But are there clues to these other realities? To the use of magic in our world?

Yes, and this is symbology. We are surrounded by symbols as you can see in the image below.

We can trace symbols and the use of symbols back to the druids, Phoenicians and Canaanites who inhabited the middle east 3,500 thousands of years ago, and then even further back to ancient Mesopotamia and Sumeria; the first recorded civilisation, around 6,000 years (but in reality much older than that). Indeed Cana, meant merchant bankers in Canaanite, and it was the canaanites who set up merchant banking and used their symbols within it. Take a look at your cheque book and notice the place where you sign your name. Look at the line underneath with a powerful microscope and you will see tiny words written, not a solid line. Or the bank notes, especially the dollar bill which you can see in the header image – illuminati symbol, pyramid, the all seeing eye and more. The signs of the secret societies in our world, who are the ones using the symbols and practicing magic.

How do we not know this?

Because it is knowledge that has passed down through the ancient EL-ders and EL-ites – EL refers to Saturn, the god of law, The rings of Saturn. This is one of the ‘gods’ that they worship, and 99% of us are not part of this EL-ites club. Saturn was also known as The Lord of The Rings

Words and symbols create meanings in our world, because they work with the subconscious mind and our electromagnetic field, the problem is that no-one told us this. We have been taught to ridicule magic, psychic phenomena and the supernatural so that the EL-ites can use it behind our backs and against us. Symbols and hidden meanings are inside our films, in our education system, in our money systems, in the corporations around us and in our monarchy and the royal lines. But these symbols go back a long way, to ancient Sumeria, and to these advanced civilisations that most likely came from Atlantis. All the magic of the druids began with a wand, which had to be made out of Holly Wood – then this Holly Wood wand created the spells and rituals that made their way into the films. The obelisk that can be seen in most countries around the world, especially as war memorials, symbolises masculine energy and the solar sun, whereas the oval represents the feminine energy and the moon. The star of David and the pentagon, the pyramid, the all seeing eye and the owl, are symbols that can all be seen inside cities; America, Italy and UK.

The symbols have hidden meanings that make us feel and behave in a certain way, and give permission for these EL-ites to keep us trapped in an enslaved system, where they use incantations and magic to create a world that serves them.

Have you ever felt weird, depressed or drained after watching a film? Have you ever had that feeling that your energy was being siphoned off? Have you ever acted in a way that didn’t feel like you or felt overly emotional even though you have no idea why?  Have you ever felt drawn to something that wasn’t good for you? These are all examples of modern day magic (the energy field) but it may not be coming from the person you feel drawn to. Entities, spirits and interdimensional beings, as well as the EL-ites (corporations) and EL-ders (church) can all attach onto physical entities and drain the energy off for their own use.

If so, just say out loud 3 times “I do not consent, I do not consent, I do not consent” and then say “I choose love, I choose love, I choose love” 3 times as well. This breaks the spell and gets you back to high vibrational frequencies again (and thus the higher dimensions).

You see what we don’t understand (because no one told us) is that when we watch the films, view the adverts, read the books or even watch the news, we are inadvertently giving permission. To what? Who knows, it depends what the intention was behind it and who created it. But, if it makes you feel bad, it is bad. Trust your gut and your intuition.

Of course we can use this for good too, and this is what manifestation is. we set the intention, we keep our vibration high and we trust that it is flowing into our life. But we live in a duality world where good and bad, dark and light exists together (evil is not part of our world. Bad yes, but not evil, and bad is not bad it is simply experiences and learning) and so we always need to keep our eyes open and see beyond the illusions that we are surrounded by. And keep breaking the spell by cleansing your energy field until you feel like you again. Listen to my daily cleanse meditation for free which will help you to clear our unwanted energies or purchase my Setting Energetic Boundaries meditation which will clear away attachments and set strong boundaries around your energy space.

Source: Jordan Maxwell


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