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Work Your Energy

“A beautifully written, practical guidebook for navigating life and manifesting true abundance. Hancock combines the latest scientific paradigms with spiritual insights that both inspire and incite us to action.”

Michael Le Flem, Author of Visions of Atlantis 

Reader Review

I’ve been aware of energy work before and am even Reiki attuned – but I think I needed the scientific information and the exercises in the book to fully open my relationship with/acceptance of energy work. Now all day today, I can’t get enough of the energy around me. It’s constantly feeding and uplifting me. I feel like a different person. Every cell in my body feels alive, there was energy flowing everywhere, and amazing colours. I was able to totally focus on the feelings with very few thoughts or analysis. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!



Most self help books will tell you that life is 20% strategy, and 80% mindset: But what most people don’t know is that the mind works in harmony with your energy, via your heart, and it’s your energy that creates your success.

This book will not only activate dormant wisdom in you – thus waking up your energy world – but it will also teach you how to tap into and harness this energy for a more successful and happier life. Everything is energy, and everything has a unique frequency of it’s own; including your business!

Reader Review

This is the first book I’ve read on Energy and I found it deeply enlightening! I have always been a spiritual person but the book has taught me that I’m only using such a small percentage of what is available to me! I particularly enjoyed journalling for answers, the five pillars of vibration, and our brain doesn’t hold much data, the whole book is full of knowledge and passion of energy! I love how this book has helped me awaken my inner power and helped me to understand, and to trust my heart even when my ego and head tell me otherwise. I will continue to raise my vibration!


The Archetypes

If you have a copy of my book then download these archetypal cards so you can complete The Archetypes exercise in my book.


    This game-changing book will show you how to:


    Meet The Author

    With a degree in business and a masters in personnel development, Elisabeth has been coaching business leaders and CEO’s for 20 years, specializing in mindset, purpose and goal setting, so they can achieve more success in their business and life. A few years ago, after suffering from burn out, stress and depression, she discovered energy work and hasn’t looked back.

    Changing your energy, changes your business success…and life!

    Elisabeth has now introduced many energy and holistic modalities into her coaching, consulting and training practice, to help her clients achieve faster results: NLP, energy healing, intuitive coaching, advanced theta healing, reiki, quantum reiki, transcendental meditation, quantum hypnosis (QHHT) and is also certified in stress management, clinical nutrition and life / life purpose coaching.

    Working with the mind, body and spirit (consciousness) she helps her clients to transform their business and lives, by changing their energy, perceptions and beliefs and achieves this through 1:1 sessions, corporate training and online courses.


    What My Readers Say

    "I discovered Ruth Elizabeth Hancock’s podcast when I was working with clients on ways to move their businesses forward. None of us had really looked into energy and its influence before and several of them really connected with the idea. I like how Ruth communicates, both on the podcast and her writing style. I’m going to go through the book again as I think you need to dip in and out to remind yourself of the strategies"

    “I'd previously been aware of energy work - but I needed the scientific information in Ruths book to fully accept the power of this phenomenon and open my relationship with the energy around me. I loved discovering the author's journey, particularly as her starting point resonated with my life situation when I decided to read the book Now, that I've finished it, I can't get enough of the energy around me. It's constantly feeding and uplifting me and I feel like a different person.“

    "A subject that fascinates me and yet I often dismiss it or deem it woo woo! I love how Elisabeth has backed up her findings with science and the way she explains it. I have many takeaways and am grateful for the insights that have been shared in a constructive way"



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