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Work Your Energy

Work Your Energy

A book for entrepreneurs: energy work, business tips, life hacks, channelled wisdom, multiple dimensions, quantum physics and tools and techniques to help you achieve more success and thrive.

“a fascinating read, with down-to-earth, achievable methods for personal improvement on all levels!”

Ingrid Sprake

“I needed the scientific information in this book (which I love!) to fully open my relationship with energy!”

Thomas Button

“so much complex knowledge, simplified, with easy exercises, and all wrapped up in a fascinating story”

Melanie Humphreys


Most business books will tell you that growing a successful business is 20% strategy, and 80% mindset. But what most people don't know is that the mind works in harmony with your energy, via your heart, and it's your energy that creates your success.

This book will not only activate dormant wisdom in you - thus waking up your energy world - but it will also teach you how to tap into and harness this energy for a more successful business and a happier life. Everything is energy, and everything has a unique frequency of it's own; including your business!

This game-changing book will show you how to:

Learn how to create a sustainable and productive business model that engages you and works with your energy

Discover the secrets to a more successful life and business and the steps that will take you there

Find out how to raise your vibrational frequency and avoid common limiting beliefs to make your business more profitable

Learn how to determine your soul’s purpose and energetically align your life and business, to achieve your goals and realise your dreams

Meet The Author.

With a degree in business and a masters in personnel development, Elisabeth has been coaching business leaders and CEO’s for 20 years, specializing in mindset, purpose and goal setting, so they can achieve more success in their business and life. A few years ago, after suffering from burn out, stress and depression, she discovered energy work and hasn’t looked back.

Changing your energy, changes your business success…and life!

Elisabeth has now introduced many energy and holistic modalities into her coaching, consulting and training practice, to help her clients achieve faster results: NLP, energy healing, intuitive coaching, advanced theta healing, reiki, quantum reiki, transcendental meditation, quantum hypnosis (QHHT) and is also certified in stress management, clinical nutrition and life / life purpose coaching.

Working with the mind, body and spirit (consciousness) she helps her clients to transform their business and lives, by changing their energy, perceptions and beliefs and achieves this through 1:1 sessions, corporate training and online courses.

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